Friday, September 28, 2012

Resetting Meters

It’s exactly a month since I aggravated a muscle injury in my leg by cycling with a strained muscle. And it’s been a month of mostly hobbling around with crepe bandages around my knee, applying ice packs and Diclofenac to the injury, restricted movements and missing cycling. Some days, even 3 weeks later, my knee hurt so much that I wondered if something wasn’t horribly wrong and if I’d cycle again. 

But it did heal. And I did cycle again. For half an hour today, after a month. 

So I reset the cyclometer on my cycle today. I am starting afresh. A month’s break from cycling basically brought me to where I was before I started cycling, as regards my stamina and body condition. This is essentially starting from scratch except I already know I love cycling. It’s going to involve building on stamina again, a kilometer at a time and getting back to where I was a month ago, more carefully. So I reset the cyclometer.

And today while cycling I realized that I can reset the meter and go back to square one at any point in time if I so wish. I can start from scratch whenever I want. I can build from the ground up as and when required. Whether it’s cycling or life.

The last few months, actually this year from the word Go, have been tough. I didn't lose anyone close to me or run out of money or have a food shortage or get struck by a fatal disease or anything. So yes, it could have been much worse and, truly speaking, life’s very good if I take a bird’s eye view right now. Nonetheless, it has been a tough year. And yet, the one thing that is right with life right now is that I’m alive. 

And because I am alive, I can start again. I can reset the meter. I can take another chance at life. I can renew hope’s lease. And that’s the good thing about being alive. You can choose to start anew. You can embark on a quest any day you wake up and feel like it.

I wonder if it is Sisyphean, this having to go back to the start and try again. To live, to learn. I wonder if it is the curse of living. Or is it endless opportunity. But whichever way I look at it, starting again seems to be the only feasible thing to do, even if it is to retun. We are not aware of our curses and ignorance is bliss. 

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 

Start again. Cycle again. Hope again. 

Until I'm alive. And because I’m alive.