Friday, August 31, 2012

Chains That Bind

We walk together,
Inseparable by design.
Left with no choice,
To our fate we resign.

And yet there is my ego;
I have an identity,
While the one chained to my side
Is nothing without me.

I have a name.
To go with it, a face.
I have ancestors,
Who came from a certain place.

I have this lineage
And a handed religion and caste.
The one chained to me
Has no sense of its past.

I have hopes and dreams,
Things to look forward to.
It has no future to worry about;
No aspirations, nothing to do.

Even when I am gone,
I will be a memory.
But this chained companion of mine
Will have no such luxury.

I am defined,
It is just an outline.
I am continuous,
My shadow exists only at a point in time.

With no identity to uphold,
No tags of religion and caste to bind,
No past to define it,
Nothing in the future to find,

My shadow lives only in the present,
Free from all that defines me.
It is then that I realize - 
I am the one who is chained, she is the one who is free.

5 Thinkers Pondered:

Swati Maheshwari said...

Makes a lot of sense :)

Beautifully worded!

Anupama said...

Thank you so much Swati! And welcome to the blog :)

raeez said...

Made me think. Ty for sharing with us. :)

liju philip said...

lovely poem. keep writing. cheers.

Shanky Jindal said...

This is really interesting…