Friday, July 06, 2012

Pocket Change

I emptied it on the table
Pocket Change.
It clinked as it fell
And then settled
Into a silence.
An assortment of coins
That adds up to a lot
But looks worthless
One piece at a time.
In the age of plastic money
It is unnecessary
Weight in your wallet.
Belonging best in beggar’s hands.

Are like that too.

9 Thinkers Pondered:

bhawna said...

I turned somewhat nostalgic after reading this...beautifully composed..:-)
do read my blog too..

Anupama said...

Thank you so much Bhawna :) Will drop by your blog too, thanks for sharing it!

thegalnxtdoor said...

LOVED it! :)

Shiana Agarwal said...

Liked the post

AJEYA RAO said...

Hello Anupama. Nice meeting you at the meet. Great blog!

indiamap said...

It depends on who beg.

Anonymous said...

seems strange wen dis comes out frm a person who seems to value feelins more than any1 lse

Anupama said...

Thanks thegalnxtdoor, Shiana and Ajeya!

Indiamap, agree on that. It depends on who begs but the assumption is that those who beg will also value them more.

Anonymous, this isn't about my perspective of feelings but of some others who treat other people's feelings worse than pocket change; they probably think more when giving loose change to beggars than while discarding someone's feelings. For me, feelings are still the very same level as thought if not higher.

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