Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paging Joe Fox

Some days I miss Joe Fox. Correction, I miss MY Joe Fox. Like today for instance. When I need him to make me some tea with honey in it even if I am in this low mood with my gunk-filled and bleeding nose. Maybe get me a bunch of bright yellow flowers just to brighten me up. And then when my head feels fuzzy and my legs are wobbly, wrap a comforter around me and let me blabber some more. And oh yes, hand me a box of tissues when I have exhausted the current one with the incessant emptying of the nose.

But I am sitting in this sub-zero temperature of the office and sniffling no end, trying to get better asap and discreetly so that the parent does not have a mini panic attack hearing of nose bleeds. Not that they’re uncommon, just that they’ve not happened in the last 5 years. Bangalore is that hot right now people. It’s causing bloody noses to bleed.

And that’s why it’s worse to have a cold right now. One that I have to get through myself. Parents, as much as they care for you, can never objectively listen to your health concerns without thinking somehow your life is in danger. Siblings are really your own little ones that you don’t want to bother. And that is exactly why one misses Joe Fox on such days. A peer who has willingly agreed to be around on your bad days as much as on your good days. Someone who likes you just the same when you are wearing your pyjamas and blowing your nose as when you are all dressed up and sitting in a cafĂ© somewhere looking charming (to Joe Fox anyway). Really someone to rightfully bother with all that’s on your mind.

Right this moment though, I don’t need him to do any of those big things. I just want to bury my miserable head into his side and be told it is going to be ok. Mostly one deals just fine with the bigger struggles of life but it’s the little things that make life difficult, when one really needs someone around. One has the ability to weather most anything alone but that doesn’t mean one wants to. After a point, one wants to be with Joe Fox.

And I want to watch this film today evening with a bowl of soup in my hand (made by Joe Fox of course, duh!) after having watched this scene on repeat all morning. If nothing else, the least he can do is to bring me a copy to make me feel better.

Paging Joe Fox. It’s about time already.

4 Thinkers Pondered:

Harjeet said...

This is an amazing post... plonks the most lovable character from an any-time-watchable movie right into our daily lives! Keep writing, Anupama.

Anupama said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliments Harjeet :)

Krupakar said...

Soppy movie, I am afraid :) But I do get the sentiment here and sympathize with you. Specially since I am fortunate to have my own Joe Fox (Foxy?) in Pooh. Although her version of "soup" is kayam churn or other unappetizing mixtures :)

Awesome writing nowadays Anu.

Anupama said...

Thanks Krups :) If I had Joe Fox around here I would gladly eat whatever it was that he prescribed...Kayam Churan or something more palatable...hopefully soon I shall see the happy day of eating Kayam Churan :D