Monday, January 23, 2012

The Ride...Of Life

Not very long ago the road to my workplace was a smooth one. People in Bangalore used to ride/drive better too. And riding was not as big a pain. In fact I used to be able to glance at a lake for a few moments or watch Brahminy Kites swoop down without worrying about the vehicle ahead jamming its brakes and me ramming into it. I used to actually enjoy the 17 Km ride

But then somebody decided that better infrastructure meant a higher number of stupidly designed flyovers all over Outer Ring Road (not a single two-lane flyover but two separate ones, one for each way...genius!). Today, almost three years later, the road to work is still dug up and seems to get worse by the day instead of getting better. It is rife with potholes and gravel for most part of the stretch. To add to that, people seem to continuously lose sense of how to drive on the roads and make the situation worse. One does not reach work in an hour now and the journey is difficult. It is exhausting. But one gets there. Slowly. Eventually.

Life isn't any different. Some have the privilege of having a smooth way paved for them and reaching their destinations soon and well. But then sometimes the road deteriorates. New speed breakers crop up overnight and big potholes appear out of nowhere. There are stretches of gravel and one rattles on. The ride is dusty and slow. But one gets there. Slowly. Eventually.

And thats what matters.

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