Sunday, January 01, 2012

How I Met 2011…and 2012!

Sometimes you meet some people and you like them instantly, you don’t even know why. And then we try and capture that feeling into phrases like ‘good vibe’, ‘positive aura’ etc. But deep down we don’t know why we feel that way. And in time, those people end up living up to that image we have of them.

That’s how I met 2011. I will never be able to explain why it exhilarated me so much to step into 2011. And I will try and justify it by saying things like ‘I had a good feeling about 2011 from the start’. But I did. I just loved 2011 when it started. I knew it would be a good year. And the year lived up to my feeling about it…and more.

And it’s surprising why I felt so positive about it because I started the year with a not so great CAT score to apply to the PGSEM course with. But somewhere I had a feeling I would definitely start the course this year. And so I gave myself in completely to preparing seriously for the PGSEM test. It was like being back in school when I used to study for the sake of it and not with a goal in mind; that’s what works best for me usually. I really enjoyed those few weeks of preparing for the PGSEM test and did fairly well in the test too. 

The year also started with an awesome trip to Sri Lanka in January with my best friends. It is amazing that we have known each other for so long but never really travelled together and Sri Lanka was a great vacation as a first trip with them! One of those trips where my heart broke while leaving the place...just so good!

The March interview call for PGSEM and the subsequent turn of events only conformed to the goodness that 2011 was supposed to bring. It was April before I knew it and by the time the admission process closed. The realization that travel would become a luxury in the coming months sent me on the April Get Off trip to Sholur. It was great like the other Get Off trips I’ve been on and gave me some time to enjoy the place at which I was in life before embarking on newer journeys and moving on. Met a great set of people on the slopes of the Nilgiris and had a peaceful mountain holiday before joining the MBA fray.

May saw me participating in the residential Orientation on the IIMB campus and also simultaneously making a mad dash to try and read up a little outside of an MBA curriculum. And then it was back to college life with our freshers event thrown at us even before classes began. Since then, life has been a series of discoveries, learning and enlightenment from some of the best in the field. It is a privilege that I hope I never take for granted but it’s been great, with a long standing dream realized.

In September, 2011 brought along an opportunity to realize another dream – writing for a magazine – and I started writing for the Chennai-based RITZ. It has been such a Godsend, the amount of creative freedom being a freelance writer allows me; I suggest my own story briefs and then get to work on them, meeting new people in the process and listening to beautiful stories every time. It lets me write the stories I want to tell and in the manner that I want to tell them. It lets me discover the world around and look for nooks and crannies where a story might be hidden. And it lets me live a dream I’ve had for the longest time. It fills me with gratitude to think how this even came about and has become such a great part of my journey as a writer!

2011 was also the year my biological clock did a flip and became friendlier towards early mornings. My birthday was a milestone last year in terms of how I suddenly found the early morning life possible, even easy…something that had never happened in all these years. I started running a little bit in an effort to keep fit and have been running barefoot since November. It really is such a positive change and feeling and I am glad it has finally come by! 

I got back to writing letters again in 2011, something I had missed and been irregular with for a few years. And am I glad I did! It has been the best part of the year that passed, finding envelopes bearing my name in the letterbox and reading stories from faraway lands. And it’s been special for more reasons than one.

What has also been special is the way the year ended. The holiday season of 2011 was one of the best vacations I have ever had in life, and that is not even a hyperbole. It leaves me with a warm feeling how I was surrounded by only the most special people in my life this vacation, be it family, friends or more. Some of these people I have known for more than 12 years now, if not for life, and it is a strange sense of contentment and comfort to have them back and around in such special ways. It was a joy to see ONM get married to the love of his life and to be a part of the occasion, even if in a small way. It was great that my best friend of all these years moved to Bangalore and now is staying with us for a month before she gets married; she has been family for long anyway and I could not have asked for a more wonderful time to spend with one of the sweetest people in my life. My kid brother came down for a vacation too and I hope he found a friend in his elder sister after nearly twenty years of playing our defined roles; special time with our most loved kid in the house. And then life came a full circle on a gorgeous West Coast vacation that brought together many dreams and put them together in the grand scheme of things. I don’t think I have ever been this happy although I am generally a happy person by disposition. It must be obvious by now that I am at a loss for words to describe how great the last two weeks were!

So it’s been a year of many dreams fulfilled and I end it on a high contented note. Those were a good 365 days spent laughing, learning, living and loving. 2012 came on a quiet note for me and I met it like one would an old friend that one hasn’t spoken to in a while but is very comfortable to be around. It hasn’t opened its bags yet but I am certain there are gifts and souvenirs in there for me. More than that, I am looking to have a nice long meaningful conversation with 2012 and for the year to regale me with new stories and a new life. Welcome home old friend…

And wish you all a happy new year!

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Bradz Blog said...

oo my great blog queen....another great one from you....really well written and you just did not write down all of your experiences...I felt as if I was a part of that journey though you never know for you it was a reminisce for me it was as refulgent as the sun...thanks for sharing this....

Nirupama said...

A '2011 Travelogue' of its own kind :) Loved reading it! Life is such an experience :)

An Aimless wanderer in the streets of Bangalore said...

Wow!. A good one!. Yes. I surely have some gifts for you in 2012 !! ;)