Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doubts And Dead Fish

The Moray eel was hiding in its cave when we arrived with dead fish. We went about playing with the sea urchin and making crabs scamper and then got down to trying to coax the eel out of its cave. And we kept throwing dead fish at it. The crabs got the free food and the eel stayed in hiding. And then we put fish on the line and put it in the cave, in the eel’s face. And it disappeared inside to never reappear. If only we had waited a while…we could have seen that beautiful creature.

The voices of our heart hide in their cave, deep inside. It is possible to hear them if only we would wait. But they throw dead fish at them and try and coax them out. Hypotheses, conjectures, doubts. We let them be strung onto a line and stuffed right in the face of those voices. And they disappear. You can keep your ear out for them but it is not until the waters have calmed and the ripples have disappeared that they will reappear.

If only we had waited…we could have heard them tell the truth.

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