Monday, September 19, 2011

What The Water Gave Me

It’s 2 AM and the world around me would have been absolutely quiet on another day save for the sound of an occasional water tanker coming by or leaving…or maybe the dogs howling. Today, it’s the sound of steadily falling rain. The dogs must be curled up in the cold somewhere so all I can hear is that one sound with some pitter-patter once in a while. 

It’s magical, hearing this sound at this hour. Opens up your soul and stirs emotions deep inside. And that is true of the sound of water in most forms, it has the power to connect with you at a deeper level than you can imagine.

I am immediately reminded of my many trips where the rain faithfully accompanied me. I remember Pondicherry, conversations about nothing in particular, seeing the ocean through the falling rain. I remember conversations with myself while I walked around Hampi in 3 days of rains… lunch at the Mango Tree as my umbrella dripped water at the door and I sat by the river listening to the swollen river rushing by. And then there was staring at winding road leading up to Ooty from somewhere in the mountains…six travellers sitting quietly and listening to water drip from the mountain trees. More recently there was staring at another view of the same mountains through the rain while sitting around an old British house in the middle of nowhere. 

River sounds are a different feeling altogether from rains. I am thinking the calm, almost still waters of the Cauvery in Doddamakali one April; you had to strain your ears to listen to the river’s murmur but it was there. Cauvery talked better in Dubbare, gurgled and laughed with my family, while I quietly sat and listened. And there were the boisterous waterfalls…Iruppu, Abbey, Hogenakkal, Bhedaghat…the very sound, that rush exhilarates and makes me break into a stupid happy smile. 

The strongest emotion, though, is always elicited by that all encompassing water body – the sea or the ocean. The whole that holds parts, the whole where we float. On a calm day, nothing calms me down better than watching a lazy wave roll over the sea to reach a shore only to playfully lap at it. It is medicine…on the beaches of Mt. Lavinia or Galle, Hungarkatte. On a windy rough evening, nothing intimidates me more than watching a rough sea spew water angrily at the shore and to hear the waves break upon hitting land. It is raw power that hits deep inside and can shake you up. I never saw it but that’s what the night sea at Kaup beach sounded like…agitated.

Maybe it’s our primal instinct, from thousands of years ago as we evolved from creatures that came from the waters to Homo Sapiens. But there is certainly something about water that evokes emotions like no other entity on earth…deep fear,  immense attraction or just a mild liking. I think it’s best left unexplained and only experienced.

Closing while the rain continues to fall steadily tonight with this beautiful beautiful song about water.

4 Thinkers Pondered:

Nirupama said...

I know I'm reiterating D, but you write so well :)
Very well written!

Bradz Blog said...

There is a saying in Spanish "El agua es la fuente de la vida" which means Water is the fountain of life and your write up just emphasizes the very fact. Be it rain or a river, a sea or a pond water entices every being and makes us move towards it. The warmth that the breeze of a lake gives is so serene. I am happy to have read this. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thought. Yes, 90% of human body is water only.

Thanks again for sharing bye.

Sathej said...

So so beautiful period..


Anupama said...

Thanks a big lot Niru, Bradz and Sathej :) Your words meant a lot!