Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Lustrum In Life


In taking my first flight
And reaching the city of my dreams
Running behind jam-packed buses
And then owning a set of wheels,

In moving away from the comfort of family
And being a paying guest,
In all the madness of that first year
And then moving in to my own nest,

In the middle of all that travel,
In a coracle, on a raft, or the Getoff Bus,
In the jungles, under the water or on mountaintops
With views and stories that inspired us,

In capturing life through the lens,
In learning a new art,
In getting onto the stage for the first time
And playing my part

In the perfect notes of music,
In a good walk on the street,
On days of perfect weather
And having dear friends to meet,

In conversations with strangers,
In adventures, big and small,
In fulfilled dreams, in hopes for the future,
In knowing there’s more to life, that this is not all,

Somewhere, in the middle of all that,
A lustrum went by in building home,
Existence became living,
This New City became my own.

The day came and went and I completed five years of being in this beautiful city on the 1st of July 2011. In the business of living I couldn’t take out time to celebrate the milestone enough but this silly poem is my tribute to life in this place, to home. Here’s to many more years in this wonderful place living a wonderful life…cheers!