Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dreams Come True...Again

The sight of the long grey wall and a thicket of trees always made us slow down. We would look at the wall dreamily and ride alongside until we saw the gate marking the entrance to the place we hoped to end up in. How we wished to drive in rightfully into that place someday. To be able to call it our own. Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering. Our first real goal in life. Two teenage girls chasing a dream. 

That was way back in 2001. My best friend and I would drive by this college almost everyday since she lived on the other side from our junior college. It helped that her elder brother was studying at VRCE as well. Back in 2001, it was the most eligible place to study in given its REC status and the fact that it was right in the middle of the city as opposed to other colleges that were located on the outskirts. I'd like to believe every student in Nagpur  hoped to get in to VRCE (except for the IIT and BITS-Pilani crowd of course) somehow...I know we did.

And hence for me it was a big moment when I walked down from the balcony of the VRCE auditorium on the day of admissions to the admission desk and secured myself a seat in the Electrical Engineering. It was the first time in life I really really wanted something (I did want to get into BITS-Pilani too but I don't think I had wanted that long enough) and I was getting it. All those nights of hard work had finally culminated into the big moment when my form got stamped by the college staff. I was in.

My best friend got through to a private college first. I was quite crestfallen. But in the second round she came around to VNIT too (VRCE was in the first lot of colleges that got converted to National Institutes of Technology and that too before we got in! That gave us the additional edge of studying in an autonomous was the best of all worlds). We had shared the dream of entering this college and we made it! That was in 2002.


2011 was deja vu. 

More than 4 years ago I had spotted the PGSEM notice in my office. It was the institute name that caught my eye...IIM Bangalore. From a desire to get into one of the 6 IIMs, I suddenly narrowed my preference down to just IIM Bangalore (of course an IIM Ahmedabad admit would have been a different ball game altogether...just that they don't have a course like PGSEM). Bangalore's brilliant weather and culture could have had a lot to do with it. 

The PGSEM requires a minimum of 2 years of work experience so I waited for the time I could apply to the course. When the time actually came I found myself confused by the multitude of possibilities that the city had shown me in terms of things I could do in life...copywriting, travel-writing, theatre and all that I can't think of. I floundered despite wanting to study business ever since I can remember. And I missed applying. 

It took me two more years to clear my head and get back to focussing on what I had always wanted. But all this while, all these years, I had the privilege of living in the vicinity of IIM Bangalore and driving past often. I would find myself secretly wishing I'd get to enter those gates beyond that long grey wall and into the thicket of trees rightfully a student. It kept the dream alive deep down inside.

It is a big moment for me today as I sit here writing this post with the admission offer letter from IIM Bangalore next to my computer. It is a culmination of a dream of 4 and ½ years. It is the vindication of the power of sustained dreams. It's just that this time there is no one to share this dream with. It is a solitary journey through those gates this time. But I am ready nevertheless. To walk past those gates rightfully and claim what is truly mine in this mortal body and material dream.

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Nirupama said...

Dream DO come true :) And I've seen you achieve so many others D :) I know how important it is for you to get in to IIM-B. All the very best! Have a beautiful college life again!

Rohini Kulkarni said...

CONGRATULATIONS Anupama!! ((hugs))
I'm very happy for you. :) Have a great time at IIM-B. It's a lovely campus. I had been there twice for studying the campus designed by B.V Doshi. It's a perfect place and space for the cognitive minds. The place inspires us and takes us to a different world.

Good luck and congratulations once again! :)

Banupriya said...

Wow Anupama -- Hearty congratulations :) Really happy for you and wish you a very happy college life all over again. Take care..

Nandhini said...

Simply great! The ending part was really touching. Good wishes Anupama!

Janaki said...

Congratulations, Anupama!! Its a wonderful achievement. Have a great time at IIM-B. All the very best!

Manju said...

Hearty Congratulations Anupama! Well deserved and glad that all your hard efforts paid off.

Have a fabulous 2 and half years of part student life and part professional life. Really hope you come out with flying colours out of that great campus.

Atanu Dey said...

Best wishes to you. I had spent a couple of months there as a part of a specialized program called PBM and loved every moment of it. The work pressure will be gruelling but let that not stop you from posting a blog once in a while. Love reading your blogs...your command of the language and your imagination is wonderful.

Raksha Bhat said...

Hey congrats:)Way to go:)I can understand the feeling:)I am in a similar boat post my MBBS.Wishing you all the best:)

Anupama said...

Hey Niru!

Thanks for all your support all through sweety :) You're the best...

Hey Rohini!

Thank you so much for the wishes and hugs :) And do let me know if y ou come by the campus while I'm there...we'll catch up!

Hey Banupriya!

Thank you so much :)

Hey Nandhini!

Wow, thanks for the kind words and the good wishes :)

Hey Janaki!

Thanks a whole big lot!

Hey Manju!

Thank you for the warm words and wishes :) And also for being a reader of this blog...your support means a lot to an amateur writer :)

Hey Atanu!

Thank you so much for the wishes and for being so regular means a lot! Hope to continue posting even through the pressure of studies and share the experience with you all :)

Hey Raksha!

So glad to know you know how it wishes to you too and just wanted you to know how much it means to see your words of encouragent after every post :)

Sathej said...

Beautifully written, Anupama ! The last part is really touching.. But you know what, it ain't a solitary dream entirely. We all have dreams. We share it with people close to us, sometimes they aren't the same, yet they would understand. But yes, I do get what you mean..

The post brought back so many personal memories..most from not-so-long-ago. The last part - particularly touched, had a semblance of a tear at the corner of my eye :)

Anyway all the very best..very happy for you..


priyaiyer said...

dreams do come true if you want them to long enough and hard enough :)

you rock, girl. happy for you. congratulations! go live your dream! :)

yettofindaname said...

Congratulations Anu! All the best! Wishing you a great time ahead and hope you scale greater heights post MBA.

take care

Hamsadhwani said...

Congratulations Anupama. Glad to know that you got into IIM-B. Have a great life.