Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Big Orange Shoebox

I was about to hit shutdown when I noticed. This big orange box next to my computer table. It used to hold my new Nike floaters until Sunday (yeah, that was just for showing-off that I bought a pair : ) ) but it’s been promoted since. 

I stopped dreaming about pursuing anything creative back when I was 13 years old, thanks to some extremely encouraging comments from my art teacher, who insisted that the only art we could ever make was with water colours. And I begged to disagree. The medium prevailed over the message. And I took all those little dreams and put them away in a shoebox somewhere, for posterity I thought.

But then I had these spurts where I discovered, among other media, oil pastels and collages. And I pulled my box out for a fleeting moment, debating over whether I should open it or not. Much like Schrodinger’s Cat, I didn’t know if my dreams were alive in there with the vial of radioactive criticism that had also found its way in. I decided I could live with uncertainty and put the box back.

It was many years later that I started creating, for the first time in life. Not imitating, but creating. The box was old and frayed and I opened it to find my dreams and their little heartbeats intact. And that’s what its holding right here in reality…my dreams and my baby steps as I rediscover the joy of a creative pursuit…and my art supplies.

This big orange shoebox.

2 Thinkers Pondered:

Sowmya said...

'Radioactive criticism'

That was brilliant!

Urmi Pakalpati said...

Anupama, I guess we all have our big (orange/white/beige/black colored) shoe box ... in which we tuck away innumerable memories ... to look at them later with amazement or heartfelt sighs ... loved ur piece !!