Friday, March 18, 2011

I Know I'm Just A Whisper

It is the way this song – Can You Hear Me by Poets Of The Fall - starts and progresses, what it says that drives me into an eclectic moment when I feel lifted by the music. It stirs something deep inside of me. All that had comfortably settled at the bottom. Much like stirring murky waters, I find the dirt rising and I find myself thinking about all that makes me unhappy about this world. I find tears clouding my eyes. It hurts badly somewhere deep inside.

We are killing the planet. We are killing each other. The planet is indulging in its own sweet revenge. For how long can it stay the victim?

We had got a gift. A green planet that had no equal for many hundred light years around, or at least that’s what it seems like. We had companions, human and otherwise, and we had a symbiotic system. We had each other. And it could have been our happily ever after.

But we decided that the land wasn’t enough for ourselves. So we usurped the skies and the seas and put our carriers out there. We started invading territories – of birds, fish, animals and even other humans. It was like the human race had this rage accumulated from its past collective incarnation and it was dying to come out. And we started killing and maiming. For the most trivial reasons.

We killed for conquest. We killed in the name of religion. We killed simply because the humans on a new land were not as civilized as or similar to ourselves (thinking about the brutal treatment and massacre of the American natives by the Spanish simply because the natives were found to be so uncivilized that they couldn’t have been human and deserved to be killed) We killed animals either for consumption, vanity or entertainment. We killed the green cover that was the key to sustaining this planet. 

And then we got down to more detail as we became more advanced. Now we kill for land, we kill our own kin, we kill because we don’t like being inconvenienced on the road and we still kill for religion. As long as we are killing I don’t think we care about the whys, whose and the whats. 

Weren’t we supposed to be the most evolved of all of God’s creation (of all creatures, for atheists)? Weren’t we supposed to have had the rationale, logic and discretion that would help us make good decisions? Weren’t we supposed to have protected the weaker ones? How is it that it is the lesser evolved beings that continue living in harmony with nature and obey/follow its cycles whereas we, the more intelligent ones (?) have done whatever wrong it is that we could have done in this collective human lifetime? Or is it just that this planet ‘is self-destructive in 5 billion years’?

I can only think of one solution that the creators of this song seem to be perpetrating too. Compassion is the answer.

So let’s love. More. Let’s eliminate hate from our hearts. Let’s accommodate and include. Let’s look at another as a fellow human being and not judge him by his choices be it his choice to be Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Catholic/Protestant/Sunni/Shia/Brahmin/Vaishya/Shudra/Parsi/Buddhist/Bahai or his choice to be straight/gay/lesbian or his choice to conform/rebel or any other of his choices. Let’s understand that if animals weren’t meant to play a significant role in our survival, this planet’s survival, they probably wouldn’t have been around in the first place (and no, I don’t consider them losing the battle to machine guns and bulldozers as an example of ‘survival of the fittest’…let’s talk survival Man Vs Wild, unarmed and then we’ll see who really wins). Let’s love everything about this planet and preserve it as we would our own children and our own loved ones. Let’s let love and compassion be the guiding principles in a day and age when logic and emotion seem to have all but disappeared from the planet…only anger and madness rule.

So let’s love. Let’s be compassionate. Let’s remember the reasons and the differences that make us human – our rationale, our reason and our ability to sympathize. Let’s all be part of the solution.

Let’s save the planet. Let’s save each other. Let’s save ourselves.

I know I’m just a whisper in cyberspace or any other space for that matter but as Marko’s powerful voice conveys in the song below: Love will find an answer.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Big Orange Shoebox

I was about to hit shutdown when I noticed. This big orange box next to my computer table. It used to hold my new Nike floaters until Sunday (yeah, that was just for showing-off that I bought a pair : ) ) but it’s been promoted since. 

I stopped dreaming about pursuing anything creative back when I was 13 years old, thanks to some extremely encouraging comments from my art teacher, who insisted that the only art we could ever make was with water colours. And I begged to disagree. The medium prevailed over the message. And I took all those little dreams and put them away in a shoebox somewhere, for posterity I thought.

But then I had these spurts where I discovered, among other media, oil pastels and collages. And I pulled my box out for a fleeting moment, debating over whether I should open it or not. Much like Schrodinger’s Cat, I didn’t know if my dreams were alive in there with the vial of radioactive criticism that had also found its way in. I decided I could live with uncertainty and put the box back.

It was many years later that I started creating, for the first time in life. Not imitating, but creating. The box was old and frayed and I opened it to find my dreams and their little heartbeats intact. And that’s what its holding right here in reality…my dreams and my baby steps as I rediscover the joy of a creative pursuit…and my art supplies.

This big orange shoebox.