Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less Is More

Too much hurt,
Too many bridges burnt.

All that pain.
In vain.

I want to erase
Every single phrase

Uttered without thought,
The misery it brought

Still makes me shiver.
Like arrows in a quiver

The words were shot,
With malice they were fraught.

They were angry at the world
But their fury unfurled

At this sitting duck.
Oh what luck!

To be part of their life
At that moment of strife.

Now they’ve embittered mine.
This is fate’s terrible design

To bring us all together
To hurt each other.

So when its about
Whom to trust and whom to doubt

With your well-being,
Your thoughts and your feelings

I’m increasingly sure,
That less is more.
Less is certainly more.

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