Friday, December 03, 2010

The Homecoming

The Mother looked out 
As the time for them to return came near.
She worried
That her bosom wasn’t as warm.
She waited
With open arms.

She saw them in the distance
And grew a little alarmed;
They ran,
Their feet bare,
In a tearing hurry
Without a care.

She knew it would hurt
If they fell down.
She watched
With anxiety,
They ran
With gaiety.

As the first few stumbled
And fell while they ran,
She hurried
To pick them up,
Pacified them,
Wrapped them in a hug.

And then she extended her arms
So all of them she could hold.
It was winter,
The night cold as hell;
Mother Earth welcomed her long gone children,
More snowflakes fell.

3 Thinkers Pondered:

Eveline said...

It's been a long time Anupama, but coming back to your blog is always a pleasure. Wonderful post and an especially beautiful poem!
Warm December hugs to you!

makeshiftconscience said...

There's something mysterious about the rhyme. Does it tell a secret?

Sathej said...

Beautiful..calming. Came here now late in the night and felt a sense of tranquility (a rarity these days!)on reading. Nice imagery..