Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Decade Of Existence

It’s the last day of the year. More than that, it’s the last day of the decade. If not the first, the latter fact makes me feel like there must be some significance attached to this day. Ok maybe it’s not the turn of a century or even a millennium like 10 years ago, but then it’s not just the turn of another year either. So let’s give it it’s due, shall we?

What is passing today is what will become a significant decade for me when I look back on it in the future, I am sure. Ok I did not get married and have a child in this decade so that leaves space for another decade to contest but let’s face it…this was the decade in which I crossed three educational milestones – school, junior college and college. A master’s degree could have been squeezed in there but let’s leave something for the coming decade? I got the first visa stamped onto my passport, crossed international borders. I moved out of the city I had called home for 21 years and built a new life in a city that I have truly grown to love ever since I encountered it the first time. They say home is where the heart is and in that sense, home is here now. And that in itself is quite a change that this decade has to its credit.

I faced a few personal crises, some irreparable losses, and grew through each of them. I definitely changed as a person in the process. It’s hard to admit there is a slight degree of scepticism that has crept in, much to my chagrin. Mistrust and doubt have found a place in my head. I am still not a great judge of people, but at least I try now, unlike before. All in a failed attempt to protect myself from hurt. But all contributing to a successful series of life experiences. But largely, my heart remains the sole controller of where I go and I am grateful for that.

I set free the traveller in me this decade. The writer in me grew like never before. I found new passions and avenues including photography and theatre. I met a whole bunch of beautiful people who are etched in fond memories. And somewhere in all that, I met myself…a yet undiscovered part, an aspect I hadn’t known before, a capability I was unaware of. It has been a valuable decade.

This year by itself was important too. I acted in a play for the first time. Ok it was a cameo but still. I acquired a DSLR and am better equipped to capture the world around, the only limitation being my vision. I wrote my first play, my first work of fiction that went public, and got decent validation for it as well. And I met more people; some of them tested my sensibilities, some tested my sensitivity and some became sanctuaries. Somewhere in the middle of all that was happening, I turned 26 too. But more than in years, I grew as a person…some more.

I think it’s been a phenomenal decade in terms of existence, not just personally but also in terms of the world around and how it’s changed. I know I am going to look back on this time in my mellow years and realize what a good time it was to be alive and independent. I know it already and I know the value that these ten years have added to me as a person. It does mean lagging behind in terms of traditional milestones and how the world evaluates your net worth if I were running their race - 26, single, just a graduate, one promotion and two pay hikes in 4.5 years at the same company…nothing else matters. But then I set my own pace and I run my own race and I enter the New Year and the new decade not with a checklist of growth milestones but with dreams. I may not have achieved that Masters degree, the wedding knot, a car/house/whatever yet but I have lived a good life that I regret no part of. I have a lot to look forward to and that makes the times ahead exciting. What more can one ask of existence?

Wish you all a decade full of fulfilled dreams and more good things. And a memorable year ahead too.

Happy New Year!

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Banupriya said...

That was really a fantastic post Anupama :) I loved reading it. Yes, we may not have achieved many what others expect, but we do have gained a lot what truly mattered to us. Here is a toast to good health and a prosperous new year. Happy new year 2011.

Piyush Agarwal said...

"I enter the New Year and the new decade not with a checklist of growth milestones but with dreams."

Well said...err written. :P Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anupama... A fantastic post... And that's a lot of tremendous stuff in the last decade...

And you've got the most important thing figured, which is to run the race at your own pace... The rest of it (read the milestones that people judge you by) will all happen in their own time.


Vandana said...

Happy New Year Anu!!! Loved the post!! You are living ur life to the fullest.. and in the end, thats wat matters!! Rest all falls in place just at the right time!!!
Cheers to the New Year and the New decade :)

bhawna said...

wonderful post...i was thinking about all the milestones i crossed and missed........a very happy new year!

Kumar Bibek said...

Happy New Year. I couldn't stop myself from blurting this out. Sorry.

"You cannot always judge people, because, some of them, would be trying to escape from your judgement".

:D Sorry again.