Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Song Remains The Same

In my usual wonderful perceptible and insightful way (takes a grand bow) I have figured out one more thing about the world (prepare for a dose of what I think is a discovery but what psychologists would have documented in my 4th birth before this, I am guessing…but then I am in a mood to feel like Columbus and so I shall)…when people are low or figuring things out, they regress to old patterns. Old patterns of food, behaviour and old patterns of people too. People are like habits. Old ones die hard. New ones feel painful until one gets comfortable with them and they become part of the routine. My analysis anyway.

But this post is not about my people…old or new. This is about music. The songs I regress to. The songs I grew up with. And the ones I identified with first. The ones that still ring a bell the loudest. The ones that remind me of a time when I had a face full of acne, red and swollen, but I felt good and I felt like I was at the top of the world. Because I was. I didn’t need to be pretty because I was cooler than that. I knew my place in the world…in my world at least. I had only myself to work on, define my identity, listen to my own songs, watch my own films, read my own books and become the person I was born to be. It was my time.

Today I can’t handle one zit that has been bothering me for the last few days because frankly I am not used to it anymore. I am part of a crowd and walking on the edge of oblivion. Every day is a fight for a place on a memory map. Today I regress to my own memories and my music.

I was born with a song. As also with a movie. I was named after a movie. And the day I was born my father bought the gramophone record of Dil Ek Mandir for the song Juhi Ki Kali Meri Ladli. He put the date on the record and signed on it. I would like to think I was an answered prayer…and that will remain my lifelong consolation…to have been at least one person’s fulfilled wish. A daughter to call Anupama.

We had a lot of old Hindi film music and ghazals playing at home all the while but what I also heard from the very beginning was the sound of ABBA, Boney M and Duran Duran. My father loved playing Brown Girl In The Ring and I would prance around to it. I still love that song. As also ABBA’s Dancing Queen and Chiquitita and many others. And a lot of other ABBA as well.

Brown Girl in the Ring by Boney M. on Grooveshark

From there on I graduated to the Backstreet Boys and bought their first album way back then. I still think More Than That is a good love song, among other songs of theirs. I don’t listen to them anymore but I really like some of their music, including songs from the album Incomplete.

14 More Than That by Backstreet Boys on Grooveshark

BSB was followed by Westlife and that remains one of my favourite bands to date. In fact Westlife is my true comfort music. I like a whole host of their songs so I won’t list them all out. But Westlife is where I go most often when I need to go home to something.

I Lay My Love on You by Westlife on Grooveshark

There was Bryan Adams too. I have since grown over his music and can’t stand most of it simply because I just had too much of it but Cloud No. 9 still makes me feel the same way every time I hear it. 

Post that I was introduced to rock and metal and that started a period of discovering music that continues to this day. But those initial years of music are the ones that feel like home, like a warm blanket on cold nights, or a hug for tough times or my own mattress to go foetal on while the songs take me back in time and tell me everything is alright. I would never disown them.

A fitting close to this post, a favourite – ABBA’s Thank You For The Music. How I love music!!

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Nirupama said...

Lovely one D :) In fact that day I was so thankful to Dad for giving us this ear for music and not making it limited to bollywood song :)It's like he showed us the way and we lead it :)
Have always loved your choice of music D! Thank You :)

Shri said...


Wow thanks for reminding me of these songs! It felt exactly like watching an old favorite movie or cartoon…


Vandana said...

"I was named after a movie. And the day I was born my father bought the gramophone record of Dil Ek Mandir for the song Juhi Ki Kali Meri Ladli. He put the date on the record and signed on it." Loved this part! So thoughtful... so touching... these are such wonderful memories to cherish... just like the wonderful songs :)

Eveline said...

Funny that you bring up old school... I have the song "Our House" by Madness stuck in my head. I heard it on the radio online this afternoon and can't stop singing "Our House...in the middle of our street" :)

When I was a kid my dad gave me his turntable and some records. We still have (and don't use) it, but that's just because we're lazy about recycling it. I have no plans to get it out of the entertainment units it sits in. The Beatles Revolver and Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks just sound so much richer in that format.

Priya Iyer said...

Lovely post!! :)

We used to sing Brown Girl in school. Had forgotten completely about it. Thanks for triggering my memory. :) Was nice thinking of old times..

Anupama Sathyamurthy said...

I jus said 'anupama named after movie' and found your post ....I was named after the movie too!