Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Run To You

I run from hate, I run from prejudice
I run from pessimists, but I run too late

I run too. From these things and more. Most of all from pessimists. Those who say it’s too late. But I run too late. I should have never left hope’s corridor but I allowed myself to listen. And somewhere the words stayed with me. Not unlike Inception. But I’m awake now. And I am running like the wind. Back to hope’s backyard and the sunshine of optimism. Never to leave again. Back to my delusions.

I run my life or is it running me, run from my past
I run too fast or too slow it seems

Is it ever possible to run from your past? From who you were. From where you come from. It feels like it always catches up with you. At the most unexpected times. In the most unexpected fashion. And then there is a tussle until you think you have won, your Now has won. That you have separated You from Your Past. And you start running all over again…faster…harder. Before you are cornered round the bend again. And all that talk about being who you are (for real, who you are deep down) goes down the drain as where you come from catches up with you. What others want you to be towers over you and you crouch in defence. Hoping they won’t find that one dream that keeps you alive and makes life out of existence. You hate to think you can run but never hide.

When lies become the truth
That's when I run to you

The lies that you live. Day in and day out. Endorsing someone else’s idea. Of life. Of love. Of right. Of wrong. Do you even remember what your truth is? Do you have that one someone who can remind you? And accept you with your truths?

We run on fumes, your life and mine
Like the sands of time slippin' right on through

That fast moving commodity. Time. It becomes everyone’s excuse. Does life run on a deadline? What about dreams? What deadline should they abide by? What about hopes? What is their time-table? Is it enough to say time is running out?

And our love's the only truth
That's why I run to you

Yes love's the only truth.  And for that single reason, no one should need to run at all.

I Run To You by Lady Antabellum on Grooveshark

5 Thinkers Pondered:

Nirupama said...

A nice one there DC!
Especially the running from your past thing.
We realise that we're running quite like all the time most of our life!
Good one :)

Janaki said...

I love what you write :) Keep going!!

Anupama said...

Hey Niru!

Thanks Sweety :)

Hi Janaki,

Welcome to this space and thank you so much for the warm words :)

Shri said...

Hi Anupama,
I am amazed at how you can put into words what you feel.
I feel it too, only that I can't express.

Vandana said...

Lovely post Anu! The composition of the song is lovely too.. I sincerely hope that there is so much love in everyone's life.. that nobody has to ever run away from anything at all...