Friday, August 27, 2010

Dice Or Not, He Does Play

I am done. 
Are You done?

I am beat. 
Aren’t You bored yet?

I am sick of it all. 
Are You satisfied?

I am angry. 
Are You amused?

I am torn. 
Aren’t You tired yet?

I am lost. 
Are You even looking for me?

I give up. 
Do You have more games left to play?
I have lost. 
Is that Your mirthful laughter falling as rain?

I am crumbling. 
Now do You feel like my Creator?

I need Your pity. 
Do You feel powerful now?
I need grace. 
Do You feel like a giver tonight?

I resign. 
You can rest. 
It’s almost the seventh day too.

4 Thinkers Pondered:

Roy said...

poignant words

Eveline said...

Woah! I was just looking for something worth reading... I guess I found it. I cringed too, just so you know.
I'm not sure what your beliefs are, but this was a fantastic post. I find so much of what you had to say extremely poignant and wonderfully intelligent.

BRAD said...

Nice to know this mine too...u may find an interesting thing there....

to the poem...i m still pondering how the man or dice whom you made feel powerful by your pity felt...i m sure there was a sense of guilt or rgret to whomever u are addressing..if u are addressing this to none...then its a great imagination...either ways its wonderful to read thanks for putting this here...

iamyuva said...

i can take more.. ;)`