Friday, July 30, 2010

Watching Salt From The Foster's F-Row

The weekend is almost here and I can’t help but think of how good the last one was in a whole lot of respects, one of them being the Foster’s F-Row experience.

So among other things I did last weekend, one was to watch Salt as part of the Foster’s F-Row experience at Inox, Garuda. It was a unique and comfortable take on watching movies and was quite a welcome change from the regular Bangalore movie-going experience. For starters, there was a foot massage being offered for the F-Row guests. It was quite something to walk to a lounge sporting two foot-massagers in a movie theatre so one could get a massage and spend a few minutes relaxing and calming down before the movie started. Score for the F-Row experience!

Post that we were shown to our seats in the F-Row of the auditorium and they were specially equipped with little pillows for the F-Row guests. It was fun to see the usual home experience of having a few throw-around pillows on the couch being ported to the movie hall, suddenly changing the feel of settling in to watch a movie. As the opening credits rolled in, we were handed our Foster’s Goody Bag, which had a smiley stress ball, a keychain with a bottle-opener and face wipes. Now top that for a movie experience!

The movie itself was quite average. Nothing new at all in any respect and Angelina Jolie has done better in the past, which makes Salt very disappointing. But because it was part of the almost pampering Foster’s F-Row Experience, the perks made me overlook Salt easily. This movie is not recommended at all. The Foster’s F-Row Experience, on the other hand, highly is. Don’t miss it if you get a go at it.

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Vandana said...

U make me jealous!! Take me along when u go next time :D)