Monday, May 24, 2010

Across The Cubicle Wall


It was when we had just watched Six Degrees Of Separation at Rangashankara and a few days later I was speaking to my mother on the phone about random things really. For some reason the conversation took a turn that led us to talk about the place I work in. And then my mother mentioned him.

The daughter of the family that lives across the street from our house in Nagpur was married to this boy who works in Bangalore for the same company as mine. Mother said his office is somewhere close to Marathahalli and I said I work in the same location. And then she said his name out. And I realized that he works in the same team as mine and sits two bays away…across the cubicle wall.


So there was this day when we were discussing plays and play reviews. It was one of those breaks you took from rehearsals that inevitably turned out longer than intended because the conversation took an unexpected and interesting turn. And somewhere during this conversation they mentioned her blog and how it was one of the best theatre blogs in town.

I went and checked it out. Dramadose. It, indeed, was a neat theatre blog with a lovely template and some good reviewing. And then I saw the author’s name and picture. And it struck me…she works in my office and sits in the bay next to mine…across the cubicle wall!


It was when I had gotten the hang of twitter quite well and was quite comfortable tweeting and attending tweet-ups, I went to only two though. Some of my friends were retweeting and mentioning this guy quite a lot and his tweets looked very witty and interesting. So I decided to follow him. In due course of time, he started following me too. His were one of the very enjoyable tweets on my timeline and I thought the guy must surely work in an ad agency or someplace like that, the way he uses puns etc.

Last week I got a message from him asking if I worked in the exact location building on the exact floor. I replied in the affirmative and asked him if he was the same guy who sat at the corner desk on the same floor. And he replied in the affirmative too.

After a few months of having virtual conversations I went and said hello to him today in the real world and realized that all this while, he, too, had been sitting just across the cubicle wall : )

5 Thinkers Pondered:

wander1ust said...

Nice - really cool post!

Anupama said...

Thank you so much Wander1ust :)

Christina said...

:) Brought a smile to my face... And you've encouraged me to do a similar post too :)

ajay said...

Truly Amazing! Although I have read about the theory on six degrees of separation, I, as most of my peers always let our minds wander into thinking how we are connected to the rich and the famous of this world. But seldom did it strike us that we knowingly or unknowingly come across people with whom we share a connection.
In earlier times, we came to know of the so called connections through our family and friends when discussing topics or people. However, with the dawn of the technology era and increasing amount of time spent in front of our monitors, we can’t quite find the links in the human chain. An interactive web has now meant that we can connect with more and more people, and also discover our lost connections. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have given a whole new meaning to the cliché “keep in touch”.
But there is another side to the story here. Although for some reason we feel nice when we meet someone and later discover that we also know them through another mutual connection, we probably never think of the fact that when we meet people, we never meet them alone. We meet them along with their circumstances. For example, as mentioned in your blog, the lady who reviewed plays. During the first interaction, our senses direct our mind into evaluating a person on multiple grounds like the clothes they wear, the way they look, the mannerism, the speech etc. But we never have the time to get to know the ‘real’ person and hence assume that the person would be the same in any circumstance. But what we now know is that people behave differently in different circumstances and a different environment. Technology has now given individuals a platform to express themselves.
Now, whenever I look at some one ‘across my cubicle wall’ I will look at them with a new reality and a plethora of possibilities that we may be ‘Connected’

Sathej said...

Hmm..for some reason I dwelt on the word 'random things' first up, and then after reading the first incident, somehow thought it was going to highlight the randomness in a subtle way. Though it didn't turn out on exact lines as I had imagined, there is a streak of randomness all along, maybe bound together by the cubicle wall !