Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Travel Well

I had been meaning to share this for a while now.

Lonely Planet picked Vardhan Kondvikar to be the editor of the Lonely Plant Magazine India. And just one look at the editorial note in the first issue (as also the second) told you why. He’s got the idea of travel right. Just right. Nothing more, nothing less. His words are consolation to many of us who suffer from the affliction called Wanderlust. Here’s an extract from the first editorial, here’s to all travellers:

It’s the leap that matters.

Getting out of your shell and going somewhere you’ve never been, knowing you might be completely out of your depth, knowing you’re never going to be the same person again – it takes some doing.

And yet, is there anything more satisfying than travel? The moment when you bite into something that looks disgusting only to find it’s an explosion of taste. The delight on a local’s face when you try your first, halting words in his language. The moment when you discover that you and this person standing in front of you in strange clothes, who doesn’t speak your language, doesn’t eat the same food and belongs to a totally alien religion, is not so different from you after all…

…Our message in the end is simple: get out of your house, and go make the world a better place.

And now, like ever so often, I am itching to travel to somewhere new, unknown and exciting. Mull on Vardhan Kondvikar’s words while I go look for my atlas.

Travel well.

5 Thinkers Pondered:

iamyuva said...

my own experience: ..get out of your will make you a better person

Tigerstone said...

We should give that boy a REAL job and get all his friends married.

Lets see how far he travels then. Chances are, the boy is just raving about his glorious past. If he's married I am sure my theory will hold water.

What are the chances that he's not married and gets big bucks to simply travel and write for kicks?

You know what me thinks? Me thinks, he's just good with words and makes suckers of us all!

Anupama said...

Hey Iamyuva,

Yes, that too. Would definitely agree and that's the case more often I think.

Hey Tigerstone,

I hear the cynic speak. I am not sure why a job has to be something we slog at and marriage equivalent to prison. Oh, but maybe you're just jealous :)

Tigerstone said...

You bet I am!

I hate travelling alone, which is why I don't travel as often as I would like to.

Then there's marriage. Finding a bride is turning out to be more difficult than finding a travel mate.

Life is not pretty :D

notgogol said...

this guy is really good. I've read a few of his pieces in Top Gear and I enjoyed them despite the fact that I HATE cars.