Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rolling Stone's Moss: The Chronicles Of Anicka

“I’m sorry where?”
“Oh yeah…in Europe no? Is that near France or Germany?”
“Not quite, there’s the Czech Republic between Germany and Slovakia. You know, Czechoslovakia?”
“Oh yeah yeah, I know I know Czechoslovakia. Nice nice.”

I was one step short of pulling out the map and pointing to people where I was travelling to for my first ever overseas work assignment. But yeah, they knew Czechoslovakia. I’m sure they had figured. But if they had, it didn’t show on their face.


That was October 2008. We were running around to get our documents in place for the Visa. I was quite excited about my first trip abroad being to Europe, like I had always wanted it to be (figures why the Venezuela or the Texas thing never worked out!). It was one of those places people love to call the ‘cold countries’. There would be the winter clothing to buy. There would be snow to look forward to. There would be an alien culture and language. Yes yes, work too among other things.

The excitement was giving me goosebumps except no one seemed to have a clear idea where this country really was. And I’m glad the ones who did know about it did not mention it to me before I reached, their reference points being movies like Hostel and Eurotrip. Of course there was a moderate cautionary warning from the Global Travel Team, totally unnecessary now that I think about it. At the time however, it only added to the adventure.

That was my first trip abroad. It had all the makings of an experience to be remembered for a lifetime including angels and miracles. I have still not gotten over how wonderful it  all really was and I miss the people dearly…my people. I have been especially remembering it for the past few days; I had just returned from there this time of the year last year. So nostalgia is in the air and it will show.

Starting today, a sub-series of The Rolling Stone’s Moss that tells you all about that journey over the next few weeks – The Chronicles Of Anicka. Who’s Anicka? You’ll discover : )

2 Thinkers Pondered:

mentalie said...

this reminds me so much of a trip i made in 1997. everything was exactly the way you describe, except that it was before i began working, when i was 19 and off to an aiesec exchange traineeship to poland. i think i know who anicka is ;)

Anupama said...

Hey Mentalie,

Would love to hear stories of that time, of Poland from you sometime...the more naive we are, the richer the travel-experience and higher the wisdom gained I think :)

And I think you know it right about Anicka :)