Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I Delude Myself

For a very long time in life I did not take to the idea of wearing sunglasses. I am one of those who think they are not exactly cool. In fact a countable few can carry them off even moderately well. They just end up looking like these hideous patches on most faces.

But then came along this lady who told me I should wear sunglasses because squinting too much will give me worry lines on the forehead. And those will turn to wrinkles soon. She had a point. And I went and bought myself a pair of functional sunglasses…to be worn only when I was riding to work in the harsh sun.

And what a relief it was! I had been missing out on all that comfort and squinting my way to glory all those years in the blindingly bright summers of Nagpur. I finally came around though…late, but I did.

The other day two friends of mine pertinently questioned my demeanour. They asked me how I could be so happy in life and why I was the way I was. I told them I had a choice: 50-50 – I could look at the bright side or the dark side of things and form my world view. I chose the bright side and it was quite simple to be happy. They told me I was deluding myself and the sooner I realized it the better. They told me the world was a shitty place and it wasn’t possible to be so happy living in this world. And one of them said he would like to see me the day I was depressed.

And it hit me today morning. I know the world is a shitty place. I know it is probably beyond the point of redemption right now. Just like I know at all points how bright and harsh the sun is shining. But then I put them on – my sunglasses and my optimism. And the world suddenly becomes bearable…to the eyes and to the heart. I can remove my sunglasses at any point and wake up to the real world. But I don’t. You know why? It’s not going to help anybody’s cause. And because it gives me worry-lines. That can turn to wrinkles soon.

And so I delude myself.

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wander1ust said...

I like it. Looking at the positive side always makes you last longer and go further. Hasn't someone said that in most cases, people who give up trying do so just before they are about to achieve their goals?

Nirupama said...

Love the way you compare things :)

Mute Spectator said...

I read some of your posts. And I could not have just closed the page without saying "Amazing". There is a freshness about your posts rarely encountered and there is a nice feel good quality in all of them.

I am sure going to finish all your posts soon. As of now, all that I can say is "Keep Writing". Will wait for your posts henceforth!

Aparna said...

The world is not a shitty place...well, not always. It depends on how you look at things.
Wear your optimism and your rose tinted glasses, er, your dark glasses. Ultimately you have to decide whether you want wrinkles or laugh lines.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

A very nice post.
Way to go girl.

Anupama said...

Hey Wander1ust,

Don't they say it's always darkest before dawn...we have got to keep trying I guess...

Hey Niru,

Thanks sweetness :)

Hey Shreetam,

Thank you so much for giving your time to the blog...and for the kind words too...I hope you find my future writing worth a read as well...thanks for the comment :)

Hey Aparna,

I like that thought...ultimately they are just lines on the face but what a world of difference there is...laugh lines it is for me and the rose-tints too :) ...thanks for the comment

Hey Sands,

Welsome to the blog and thank you so much for the comment :)

Sritama said...

I agree with you completely on both the points..The world is a shitty place but it also varied on how you look at it..But then isn't that the case with everything?The parallax error creeps everywhere and perhaps it helps to think of the 'silver lining'..

Freya said...

So true... The world is how we see it... Thanks for that reminder :)

I forget a lot of times to be grateful for all I have and just keep complaining... Sometimes I come around and sometimes it requires someone to make me look at my life (like you just did)

Keep smiling gal :)


mentalie said...

well, i think that the world is only as shitty as you make it! so wear those sun glasses, anupama, or just work on your laugh lines to compliment those wrinkles.
ps: i'd love to slap that boy who said he'd like to see you when you're depressed. idiot.

Maddy said...


The new template looks great and the blogs as always interesting! I really wonder though how you can always look on the bright side of life! Since you are there, it's awesome! Some of us are yet to understand how to do that...:)

Rohan said...

hahahah, super comparision !!Yes we all are worried and screwed in life because of something or the other, we ignore stuff, we hide stuff, we go to the extent of not even acknowledging the problem so that we can be happy.

Kya kare, Khushi ek aisi cheez hai joh sona, diamond, chandi sab se expensive hai !! j/k

Happiness is all in the end, we can truely be the masters of ourselves when we can be happy whenever we want however we want :)

Cheers, loved the idea of sunglasses as a forcefield to our problems :P

Cheers, Keep writing

Eveline said...

I imagine the recent addition is a good look for you. :)
I'm an incurable optimist like you. I believe that good things happen more often than bad and that if you do good, good will come back around. Being inherently cruel, the world often has proved me wrong. And it constantly does. But i guess that's what ppl need to believe in - the best in others until proven otherwise. I think you can you'll always be successful being nice. :)

Kitchen Accidental said...

Love your titles and being a first timer on your write very well...keep that up and hoping to see more on the blog.

Bedazzled said...

umm.. optimism for the sake of keeping worry lines at bay .. not a bad thought ? i should try it sometime !

Sathej said...

Thats motivating. Nice perspective..I would do better with some of those views now !


iamyuva said...

my 2cents: its our choice to live in a place where we need sunglasses to see the good side of the world. it easy to thing what we currently experience and see is the whole world..
places far & beyond is more lovely and sunglasses just stops you experiencing really beauty (sunset..sunrise..).
from where i see it--world is a happy place to be. i truely believe iam blessed and after travelling around years of life and places, I feel that stronger than ever.
call me stupid delusional man or optimists... yuva

very engaging words..

sky said...

Dear Anupama, i can say only one telugu word "అద్భుతం". and You are interesting. wish me one day i can write like you. lol.

Poornima said...

Hi Anupama, Over the last week, I think I've read most of your posts ..your writing is so honest and unique, it also helps that you've written a whole lot about travel and books :) Inspiring. Have added 'The Art of Travel' to my TBR list even.