Sunday, January 17, 2010

In ADdition: Please, Ab Toh Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

I was talking to my colleagues from marketing the other day and we were discussing how the quality of advertising for Cadbury’s in India pretty much took the exponential curve, I’ll leave it to you to pick the direction of the curve though. For me, it’s downward for sure.

That day I couldn’t remember which TVC was the final nail in the coffin except I seemed to feel very strongly about it but yesterday for some reason it struck me. It was the ‘Rangeen Panda’.

Here’s what I remember of Cadbury’s from yesteryears:

The entire TVC series for Dairy Milk, one with Omung Kumar picking up a block he’d dropped and dusting it off before stealthily putting it into his mouth and of course the unforgettable petite girl dancing for joy in the cricket stadium…Kuch Khaas Hai Zindagi Mein. It was emotional appeal at its best.

Then there was the TVC for 5-Star with the ‘Choolo sitaron ko, ab door nahin hai manzil’ jingle.

And there was the very cute Cadbury’s Gems TVC with a bunch of 60-somethings telling a lost young man that ‘Yeh road kahin nahi jaati, yahin rehti hai!’

Compare that with O&M’s Rangeen Panda. Apparently the ad-world loves it (at least that’s what I gather from the reviews on all the ad forums). I hate it. Or the Bournville ad – you have to earn it or whatever. They have taken the emotional appeal out and brought functional focus in. For a copy that says Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye, its ironic they took the Mithas (sweetness) out of their ads. After all these years, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye?

Among the ones that I liked, new or recently old, one I can think of immediately is the Nike Lunarglide billboard. The copy ‘Actually, it is rocket science’ was quite a play on our manner of speaking and got the message across very well, ably supported of course by a cross section of the shoe. I think Stephen Fitzgerald was behind the design but I am not really sure who came up with the copy. Good work nevertheless.

Then there is the series of billboards for the launch of UTV Action, with creatives handled by Taproot India. The copy that stuck the best was ‘No Rona. Only Dhona’. Nice crisp bit of work there.

I was flipping through the pages of BS Motoring the other day and noticed the Royal Enfield Trip prints by W+K Good stuff. Saw it in the Outlook Traveller as well, especially the ‘Leave Home’ theme for the print ad as well as the TVC. Calling all mama’s boys truly. And yes, leave home they should. Nice underline to the spirit of the Royal Enfield I thought.

My favourite ad among the ones I saw recently appeared in the ToI last Sunday…it was a Woodlands print ad that said ‘Life begins where connectivity ends’ and a pair of Woodlands lay by the side of a railway track. I can’t find that ad online anywhere but I think it’s brilliant. Some more Woodlands print ads created for Times Life are located here but none are as good as that one. Real nice work and captures the spirit of those among us who like to leave their cellphone where it belongs on a journey – at home.

And that’s a wrap on this ad rant.

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Nirupama said...

Totally agree with you!! Love those ads that you have posted here! Especially that girl dancing...was one of the best ads of Cadbury's. That Rangeen Panda thing is a synonym of crap for me!! Used to love the old Gems ads. Hope the Cadbury's people start making such sweet ads again :)

mentalie said...

there has been just one ad that exactly represented what chocolate does to me. it's an ad by fallon, london and was released in 2007. every single detail in it spoke chocolatese to me - from the opening credit, to the casting, to the performance of the star of the piece, to the song, to the baseline. in case you haven't watched it already, here's the cadbury's gorilla ad:

ps: this is exactly what i look like when i eat chocolate. do you?

Eveline said...

I feel ya on the commercials thing. I don't watch much TV nowadays but when I do I either mute it or change the channel. I especially hate when you're not expecting it and you have to dive for the remote. Or spontaneously fall down. I wonder if I could distract myself that way...
When we were kids we didn't have commercials like what we are seeing now, and boy, do I miss them! Like the Cadbury's ad with the girl running onto the cricket field. :)

My favourite ad when I was in school was 'Doodh Doodh Doodh....Wonderful Doodh'... still got the tune stuck in my head.

Tigerstone said...

What are your thoughts on the Honda Jazz ad?

Anupama said...

Hey Niru,

I hope so too!

Hey Mentalie!

The song does go well with the expressions of the star for sure...really really nice...thanks for sharing this one...but somehow most of the Cadbury ads don't really hit home nowadays...what do you think of the Rangeen Panda ad?

Hey Eve!

Oh Doodh-Doodh has to be one of the catchiest jingles to ever have hit the television screens I have to say...and all that for milk! Of course other ads in the same category were also nice - NECC's ads about eggs and the Chai Piyo Mast Jiyo ads by Tea Board of India...

Anupama said...

Hey Tigerstone,

I don't like that ad at all. For one, its cryptic and I have trouble deciphering the message of the entire ad in less than 20 sec AND tying it to the Why So Serious tagline...I don't get the point of it. Are they positioning the brand or the offering? No features are discussed so its obviously aspirational advertising and yet, I want to own the song in the background more than the car. Whose bubble are they bursting really?

How do you like it btw?

Tigerstone said...

It was a stupid ad, no doubts.

Seems to me they wanted to cash in on the Batman flick and Heath Ledger.

I don't know, may be they were trying to sell it as a Batmobile.

Chhaya said...

Hi Anupama , stumbled onto your blog while I was reading the 'Autobiography of an ordinary Man'.. Loved your posts ...will , in all probability go through all your archived posts :) But, more important that that, not sure if you will recognize me, since I met you and your sister N a very long time ago at a close friend of your cousin Sandhya ! Glad to see your space here !

Anupama said...

Hi Chhaya Didi!

Of course I remember you! In fact once in a long while Niru and I talk about you when we talk about Sandhya Didi or her wedding...what a lovely surprise this is :) How have you been?

iamyuva said...

i second that..and i think you will also like to kill some of your hours browsing thru

eye-in-sty-in said...

For me, the Amul Ads are the best.. emotional appeal + social relevance + catchy tag lines + current affairs...

For the cadbury ads, the preity zinta ad is my fav... but the "kuch khaas hai" one was more close as it made me buy my gf a dairy milk every time we met... If I had invested that much money in the stock, I'd be really really rich now :P (sadly, the ad world seems to be thinking along those materialistic lines as well)

Is the ad world suffering from the same "quantity over quality" syndrome as the news world?