Friday, January 15, 2010


The setting sun marked the end of the day even as we spoke of life and new beginnings. The irony. That my life is. In more ways than one.

Just to mark the irony I order a Solar Eclipse coffee at Coffee Day today after finishing a hurried meal of Dosas at home. That oil smells old. Like life. Anyway, the guy at the Coffee Day counter gives me a complimentary pack of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sadly, life doesn’t. Not as yet.

In fact in real life, the baker sits me down and teaches me how to make Double Chocolate Chip Cookies just as well as he does. He seems to like competition. Tells me go open my own bakery and make my own Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I’m sorry, but I asked for internship not entrepreneurship. Thank you very much. So I leave with a recipe and cookie crumbs of dreams, as the sun goes down. And with hope, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and bring a new day along.

I find the sun eclipsed today. For the longest time in the millennium. The irony. That my life is. In more ways than one.

2 Thinkers Pondered:

mentalie said...

take the cookies and RUN :)

Anonymous said...

The beautiful calming moon that we see in night has to become an ugly black spot to eclipse sun. Thats exceptional. This too, like everything else, will pass, and Sun will shine bright, and moon will be back at its cooling best. Keep faith.