Friday, August 21, 2009


I saw Soulmate perform. And am I glad I did or am I just glad! Hugs to Eveline for this recommendation. A thumbs-up from our band’s Joe Satriani also helped a lot : )

For the first time ever I went to Opus alone (or any party place for that matter). And that was pathetic to an extent that is not describable. But Soulmate was performing at Opus In The Creek (Brookefields) yesterday evening as part of the Kingfisher Pub Rock Fest. And their performance more than made up for how terrible it felt to be attending the event alone. Anyway, I just HAD to watch them and I did.

The woman Tipriti Kharbyngar is not even real. Trust me. She is out of this world. She is a performer and a spectacle…one has got to see them at least once, not just hear them. Her voice is strong and versatile and I haven’t seen that kind of singing in some time. It has a hold on the audience. Plus when she sings, she gets lost in the song…her expressions, her gestures, everything. She sings like a woman possessed and while you are recovering from the thrill of hearing a song in her voice she returns to her sweet self and says “Thank you very much” in a toned down melodious voice. I mean Whoa! I have no clue where she has come from but one has got to keep a tab on this band.

I loved the way Tipriti pasted three butterflies onto the microphone stand before she began singing. Really cool. And then the band went ahead and wowed everybody.

A band called The Circus performed before Soulmate took the stage and they were really good too. I liked their sound and their variety. You might want to catch them too sometime.

On Opus In The Creek, the place is nice but it is big and hence spread out. There is no floor seating and the tables are laid out far apart. So the energy and buzz that Opus at Palace Cross Roads generates gets dissipated over the space at Opus In The Creek. Nice place nevertheless, do catch sight of the lights hanging from the roof…they are magical.

There was a slight upside to me being alone. I was well attended too – am I comfortable, am I getting bored, is the food okay…things the owners should have asked seeing someone sit alone at their party house in a crowd of barely 100 (half of which is the close circle that meets practically the whole time…how many does that leave out?) but did not. Anyway, customer service notes and business management lessons for later. For now, check out where Soulmate is performing next and head out there for a dose of good music.

Have a good weekend : )

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Eveline said...

I just spent 5 straight minutes cheering my heart out after reading your post. Can i tell you that i adore u?
I only wish i was there to give you company and we could have had a ball! I couldn't make it for this concert cos it was mum's b'day and the new opus is so friggin far.
Tiprithi has a quiet presence and a refreshing lack of that self-conscious performer schtick. The band sounds so great, very true to their name. It was a treat to actually hear her sing live and only a few feet away. I'm so ecstatic that you loved the music. *MUAH*

Anupama said...


Would have been fun to go with you...we should totally catch up over some music or a play one of these days...

And belated birthday wishes for your mum :)