Thursday, August 06, 2009


I was walking on the shore. I left footprints in the sand. I knew the next wave would wash them away. I left footprints anyway, hoping someone would see them before they merged with that unending landscape of sand on the shore.

I saw those grains of sand all around. Plain, boring, brown and ubiquitous. Millions of them. All the same. Yes, if you looked closely you saw that each was different from the other in some small way.

And yet they were all just grains of sand.

Coarse. Crude. Lying there to be swept by the wave and go with the flow. They would prick if one got into your eye by mistake. They would hurt because of the way they were.

Plain, boring, brown, ubiquitous, coarse and crude.

I could have been walking the shore of another land and the sand could have been white. It would still be the same. They would all still be grains of sand.

Plain, boring, white, ubiquitous, coarse and crude.

And then I saw a grain of sand that was different. Because it was a Pearl. It had grown to be distinguished from the rest. It was not crude, it was Polished. It was Beautiful. It was Radiant. It gave off all the colours that I ever wanted to see in a Pearl…or a grain of sand for that matter…much more than the brown…the whole rainbow. I could see any colour I wanted to. It was the Pearl I had dreamed of possessing…of decorating in a box of velvet and treasuring forever. And it was just lying there on the shore I had walked along so many times…among all those grains of sand.

Had I not noticed it earlier? Had it appeared anew? Was it mine for the taking at all? Or was it for the Pearl to roll to the rightful lady of grace until she came along on the shore with her own box of velvet?

Had I come upon it incidentally?
Had the Pearl rolled to me?
I’ve been wondering.
Was it Serendipity?

8 Thinkers Pondered:

Vibhushan said...

Glad that you have finally found your Pearl. Grab it with both hands, and all that you can. Don't let it go. Don't let the cold, apathetic, ruthless waves to sweep this precious Pearl out of your sight, leaving you stranded at the shore among all the plain, boring, brown/white, ubiquitous, coarse and crude sand grains. Life does not give you second chances, especially with something as precious as a Pearl that you always wanted to 'possess'.

Don't know if it is serendipity or well-planned act. May be these plain, boring, brown/white, ubiquitous, coarse and crude sand grains that pricked in your eyes are helping you appreciate the Pearl now. May be it were these cold, apathetic, ruthless waves who were polishing this grain of sand into the beautiful radiant Pearl which is now showering rainbow over you. May be time is ripe now.

Open your box of velvet and let the Pearl roll into it... before it gets swept away into dark corners of ocean again. Good Luck.

KCL said...

What do I ponder? Shall I just conclude. Dust to pearl or pearl hidden by dust?

eye-in-sty-in said...

graind of sand... when put in the right place, even the coarse grain can yield something beautiful, polished and refined... makes me wonder if the polished person we so wanna be is but a grain of sand from within?

Smita said...

It came to you because it was meant for you :) and as now it is with you, cherish it & love it :)

Loved the smooth narrative and lovely thought behind it.

Priya Iyer said...

lovely narrative!

if it is something you have always wanted and it has come to you now, grab it with both hands and make it yours with all your heart. if it is rightfully yours, it will stay! :)

Priya Iyer said...

btw, who's the 'Pearl', huh??? :P

Eveline said...

Weird coincidence or serendipity, i just finished watching the movie, before i opened your page and saw this post! There's always a pearl in the midst of all the rubbish.. the point is you found it! Awesome weekend to ya! :)

Anupama said...

Hey all, I was terribly busy over the weekend with a workshop and couldn't reply to any of the comments...sorry about the delay :(

Hey Vibhushan,

Thanks for wishing me luck...I've kept the box ready too...thanks for the comment :)


You're posting morning messages as comments now...thanks for it though :)

Hey Spike!

Deep thought...and I would say that you're right...we are after all grains fo sand all of us...bon with the same faculties (well most of us anyway) and same potential...the way we use it makes pearls out of us or lets us remain sand...thanks for the comment :)

Hey Smita!

I like that thought...and I am going to try and keep the Pearl...thanks for the sweet words :)

Hey Priya!

Amen :) I am going to try and keep the Pearl from slipping away...thanks for the comment sweets :)

Hey Eve!!

Don't they say God does not play dice? Sometimes I want to believe in it very strongly and this is one of those times...thanks for the comments sweety and hope you had a great weekend :)