Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Riding To Ramohalli And The Perfect Vehicle

Today morning, very much like the past few mornings and the whole of today, was good riding weather. The monsoon was written all over the skies and the breeze was beckoning. I had half the mind to skip the left turn to office and keep riding…until I reached somewhere, anywhere (strong influence of the song Road To Somewhere by Goldfrapp, which I have been listening to all of yesterday. Beautiful song there!)

I went riding to Ramohalli last week. I had a 100 cc gearless two-wheeler in the name of a bike and yet the machine and I decided that all of 50 Km was not that formidable a distance. So we decided to go for it and set out at noon towards Ramohalli.

A Google search for Ramohalli or Big Banyan Tree will have you know everything about the route and the place that you wish to know. I’ll just make a passing mention that we took the Kanakapura Road-NICE Road-Mysore Road route and that probably saved us a lot of time. Watch out for the blue hills and palm trees in the distance if you take the NICE Road. It is that view which makes it an interesting road to take…else it is just a long stretch of good road.

The ride, though a midday endeavour, refreshed and rejuvenated me enough with its sights of the village and tree lined roads that just run though the landscape leading to nowhere in particular. And once in a while, around the turn, you encounter something like the Big Banyan Tree. The road carries on while you get off and pause.

The Big Banyan Tree itself is a lovely place to visit, at least at that time of the day. Very quiet and serene…and huge of course! It is the fourth largest Banyan Tree in India and the sheer amount of life it supports in terms of the birds and animals is just amazing. It makes you immediately conscious of the values of even one single tree when in the name of development we have axed so many that we have lost count. Don’t even get me started on the horribly planned pathetic excuse for development called the Bangalore Metro. Anyway, being in the shade of the Big Banyan Tree just makes you a little aware of the wonder of nature while you unwind in peace. It’s not a must-see but nice if you can strike off your list by visiting once.

We also wanted to visit the Manchinabele Dam that is 7 Km up the same road from the Big Banyan Tree but the road disappeared somewhere close to the destination and we were busy avoiding chunks of gravel more than riding. The most prudent move was to turn around and head back, which is exactly what I did lest my bike become a sorry excuse for a two-wheeler. Managed to get a few pictures of the reservoir though and will visit for sure someday…maybe on a geared bike if not in an SUV.

By now you should have guessed the Perfect Vehicle in question here is not my bike. It is the latest addition to my personal library…a book that I picked up on Sunday in Landmark just because it is a book written by a lady and talking about why motorcyclists are so much in love with their machines! Also the cover looked very interesting and I shamelessly confess that I have a thing for beautiful book covers despite the constant hammering of the ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ cliché in my head everytime I make such a purchase (I will never forget how I picked up a copy of The Art of War that costs 1300 bucks over ones that were available for 150 bucks or so only because it was bound in silk and had letters embossed in gold on the cover…it is a book so beautiful inside out that I am scared to touch it and hence haven’t read it. I should buy a cheap copy for reading’s sake too, what say?)

Looking forward to reading this book and riding some more. Well as much as the 100 cc engine allows anyway.

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eye-in-sty-in said...

Uniquely written although I was eying the post for a banyan tree pic!
Wish u were in close proximity - wd have loved to travel with u! You have the eye of a wanderer... thats very endearing.

Satish said...

Another place that i would suggest to visit is the Mukhti Naga Temple which is before the Big Banyan Tree... It a temple dedictated to the serpent king and has a huge statue of the serpent.... It makes a good visit, in case you haven't seen it yet...

Another place which is as beautiful as Manchanabele Dam is the Kanva Dam. A day trip can cover both these places....The most important point, both are good places for bird watching and taking some good photos....

Santosh said...

~ two legs, two wheels, half a brain ~
its great fun

Nirupama said...

Hey D! Loved the two pics you have uploaded and your fascination about the covers of the book!

Anupama said...

Hey Spike!

Hero Honda Pleasure...aptly taglined 'Why should boys have all the fun' (ad-worldwise)...see girls can ride too :)

Thanks for the sweet where are you located?

Hey Satish!

I actually saw the Naga Temple signboard on the way...a dusty road leading right..and when I started wondering later it was this road I thought I should have taken.

Right now, please picture me banging my head on the desk for missing that place. I was so engrossed in finding the Banyan Tree that I didn't even get curious about this one.

Both places go onto the list...maybe I'll ride out this weekend to one of them :) ...thanks for the comment and suggestions...

Hey Santosh!!!

It is so cool to receive a comment from you...after like an eternity...and yes, it is definitely great fun...except that I'll have to keep having fun by myself since my 100 cc just qualify for FSRs :( ...but thanks for the comment :)

Hey Sis!

Thanks a whole time I'll take you too so you can see the place rather than admire the picture :)

wander1ust said...

The part about "The Art of War" made me crack up. Very funny :D

Anupama said...

Hey Wander1ust,

:D Thanks for the comment...

eye-in-sty-in said...

Plan is to be in bombay over the weekend... back 2 base!

Smita said...

wow!!! am sure u must have loved the trip!

Though have never taken a long trip on my scooty but whenever I used to be free I used to drive on a looong stretch of highway & mazaa ata tha :-)

The book sounds interesting do share how was it.

Anupama said...

Hey Spike!

Do keep me posted if you're coming down to Bangalore sometime...

Hey Smita!

I like how both the Scooty and the Scooty Pep are very comfortable for riding because of their height...the Pleasure is slightly taller and hence can be annoying sometimes...but yes, just to think of that stretch of the highway and of riding makes me want to get up and go :)

Thanks for the comment...I'll post the book review as soon as I am done with that book :)

Anonymous said...

cute article..:)


Priya Iyer said...

hey girl,

have a little something for you over at my blog. pls do come over and accept it :)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

nice post, so you have an adventure streak in you aah?, like Paresh rawail says to Imran Khan in 'Jane tu ya jane naa',


Anupama said...

Hey Smita,

Thanks a whole lot :)

Hey Priya!

Can't wait to see what it is...will come right over :)

Hey ZiLliOnBiG,

Yes an adventure streak it is :) ...much like the streaks of colour in one's otherwise plain black's that hint of colour that makes it all interesting...thank you so much for your comment and welcome to the blog :)