Friday, July 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Uniquely Priya gave me an award last week that has me elated because of the dimensions it encompasses. She accorded the Kreativ Blogger Award to me and though this post is more than a few days late it in no way implies that the award means any less to me.

To accept this award one has to list seven of one’s favourite things and then pass on the award to seven bloggers.

Here are the seven things that keep me sane in a crazy world:
  1. Music – it is my life blood
  2. Books – they are conversations I never had but yet get to be part of
  3. Nature – it is the solace
  4. Travel – it brings along a blend of experience that other activities hardly can – new cuisines, new cultures, new landscapes and yet the common human underline to it all
  5. Good Conversations – they are the food my soul thrives on, the memories of which linger on for very long
  6. Photography - I'm still learning but I like to see through the lens sometimes
  7. Writing – where everything else is absorption, it lets me assimilate and release

And I would like the following seven bloggers (placed alphabetically) to know that I really enjoy their writing and think they deserve every bit of the Kreativ Blogger Award. If I could pass it back, Priya would be in that list as a bonus.

Shriram (this is a photoblog but that’s why I consider it to be very creative and I am a huge fan)

Keep the good words (and pictures) coming y'all! And thanks Priya : )

6 Thinkers Pondered:

Smita said...

Hey something waits for you here and thanks for the award. I always had my eye on it its so beautiful ;) Will be back to comment properly.

manvi said...

Hey Anupama...Thank you so much .. You just made my day and it happens to be the first one for me :)

Eveline said...

Thank you! And congrats on being gifted that wonderful award. You are a gifted writer. There's a certain sensitivity to your writing that's endearing, which is a lot for me to say since I dont say it to alot of ppl. It's good to see recognition for a job well done. Keep on keepng on.

Sowmya said...

Thanks for the award... I am so happy to know you enjoy my writing :)

Anupama said...

Hey Smita!

Thanks a whole lot :) . Will pick it up soon and put it up...

Hey Manvi,

It's really good to see you blogging so regularly since I enjoy your sensible writing with that perfect dash of emotion in it...Congratulations and keep going :)

Hey Eve!

You have no idea how nice those words sound coming from you. Thanks a whole big lot :)

Hey Sowmya,

You're most welcome :)

Priya Iyer said...

thanks for the post, as well as for the appreciation, lady! :)