Friday, July 03, 2009


Last Saturday I was at the BRTFF – Bangalore RoofTop Film Festival. It was oozing with the one thing that most people need in order to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives – passion. And I came back feeling how I hadn’t felt in some time now – inspired.

BRTFF is a group of enthusiasts united by the common goal of film making. And in order to provide a forum for amateur and independent film-makers to showcase their work and get the resources/feedback they need BRTFF meets once every while at a convenient location in the city and screens these films. A short discussion and question-answer session follows and constructive feedback is offered to the film makers. The whole thing is driven only by passion that percolates to everyone in the gathering…it is very difficult not to be affected by the drive and energy filling the room.

What is also very striking is the kind of work happening in the field of film-making around here. There are so many good ideas floating around and being converted into a story for the celluloid. Every film-maker has a different perspective on events and issues of significance, a different take on life than the other and the way each portrays it in screen offers quite a bit of food for thought. BRTFF is a good way to expand your creative horizons, if only as a member of the audience, and try and offer inputs to the people who really want to tell you a story about something that hit them hard.

A few short films worth mentioning here are:

  • Red Light by Srijith: A film focussing on the financially deprived and how even carnal desire and their fulfilment can lead to crime. There were no dialogues in the film and everything was conveyed through the expressions on the actor’s face.
  • Enable by Bhoomi Productions: With focus on the physically disabled, this film aims to show us how doing very little on our parts (in this case providing life jackets and bouyars) can radically change the lives of the disabled. Very inspiring and well-made too.
  • Ice-Cream by Siddhant K. S.: By far the best short film I saw that day. Very sweet, simple, well-made yet with a powerful message – we are all united when it comes to our wants and in times of loss. Loved it!

There were some awesome documentaries screened also:

  • Dol by Nishant Ghadge: A documentary by an amateur and a novice in the field of film-making but superb stuff about how the shores of Mumbai have seen the fishing business change over the years due to climactic and technique changes in fishing. This one was shot brilliantly and managed to hold one’s interest throughout. It had a very human angle to it and hence a lot of appeal.
  • Slaves of the Lamp by Goutham Avarthi: A fabulous documentary (ok this is an almost professional work which is going to be telecast on Doordarshan soon. So I don’t put Dol and this one in the same category) about the Slender Loris – one of the least known and very fascinating primates. The camera shots are just brilliant and the trailor (which is what we saw) leaves you wanting to see the documentary. I am looking forward to this one.

In addition to all that dose of creativity, there was representation from companies like Palador and many many opportunities for film makers as well as film enthusiasts being doled out generously. The whole event left a good impression on the mind and it is something you should attend at least once to see the level of involvement and the passion behind the efforts. Plus it is a great place to network with the ones who are involved if you are looking at making a film sometime soon or have skills that can help others in the field.

End of the day, came back very kicked and inspired (ok that screening of Fargo really deflated my spirit in a way…what a disturbing movie!…please play a happy movie next time, I am sure there are happy masterpieces too) and would love to attend the next event (likely to be in September). I am totally watching that space and I hope you will too.

For the guys at BRTFF, keep it up people! Way to go : )

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Vibhushan said...

Wow, this really sounds to be an exciting group to be part of. Will surely join this group whenever I am in Bangalore. Thanks for the discovery :)

Anupama said...

Hey Vibhushan,

Yes you should go once and maybe have your short film screened too :) ...thanks for the comment...

Sowmya said...

Do me a favour. Next time you come to know of an event like this, pls do let me know. I will be there... Thanks

Anupama said...

Hey Sowmya,

Sure...will do..

Smita said...

Hey, this sounds so exciting & different, inspiring if I can say!!!!

Anupama said...

Hey Smita!

Yeah it's cool really...and this being the first time I attended it had an even bigger impact to see something of the sort...thanks for the comment :)

Hrish Thota said...

Thanks for the wonderful piece on BRTFF anu :) missed it earlier! we need to do one real soon I guess!