Wednesday, June 17, 2009


No, I haven’t got one (though I’d like to). No, I don’t feel like one either (though I know I am very good at making puppy dog eyes). PUP simply stands for Picking Up the Pieces…

Do you know that feeling when you come home one evening to a messy house? You know yourself to be neat and orderly at most times. But a newspaper kept in that corner instead of the magazine stand, a half-read book on the table instead of inside the shelf, the receipt from the supermarket on the centre table and soon it starts piling up until one day you realize that the house is a mess and you can’t figure out why. Life can be that way sometimes. And it needs some cleaning and arranging to be done off and on.

I started PUP this week. I got back to reading more both in terms of quality and quantity and it felt like coming home. Picked up Outlook Money (and surprisingly wasn’t flummoxed by the contents at all…which is reassuring in a way) and Outlook Traveller while coming back from Hyderabad and realized how much I enjoyed reading a magazine or two occasionally. Bought R. K. Narayan’s The Financial Expert also (which I started reading yesterday) and found that I had been missing out on this classic flavour in my reading for a while. Started my day by reading ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ today and it injected the feel-good I needed in my day. Honestly, a good book can do so much for how you start or end your day…it’s just amazing.

I restarted my study of the Bhagwadgita…something I skipped for a while. As of now I am only concentrating on simplifying the verses and breaking down the Sanskrit compound words, mainly to revise my Sanskrit while doing a cursory read of the Gita. But it still feels good to be able to connect to that heritage that this country and culture has endowed us with. And though I am nowhere close to decoding the hidden meaning behind the verses and understanding the philosophy, it gives me immense satisfaction to be studying this monumental piece of literature.

I got back to some serious photography and I hope to put my Panasonic DMC FZ8 to its justified amount of use soon. It’s a good camera and I have been wasting its capacity all these days, much like using a racehorse to pull carriages. Here are some pictures I took over the weekend in Hyderabad.

I plan to bring my guitar out tonight and practice what our guitar teacher taught us. And then I’ll take it from there. I had always wished to be able to play the guitar…just enough to be able to sing along to if not like a professional. And the only reason that wish is unfulfilled is because I came in my own way. So tonight, the guitar will be resurrected and there will be some music filling the air…maybe a little Yellow and Wonderwall…A Horse With No Name…something nice.

Radio Indigo has been playing some very good music lately…both on Indigo Rising and the Hard Rock Hour. That ensures that I start and end my day with good music. My ride to office is laced with good songs too…some old favourites and some discoveries. Playing right now online is George Michael’s I Can’t Make You Love Me…a song I hadn’t heard in ages. I used to love it…playing in the silence of the night as I sat at my table studying. It has been sung with so much love that it pulls at the heart’s strings. Take a listen if you haven’t already.
George Michael - I cant Make you Love me
I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't by George Michael on Grooveshark

I got back to writing more seriously. I am looking forward to travelling for travelling’s sake. And I am hoping to pick up training in Hindustani Vocals from where I left it. That’s what the past week or so was all about…PUP, running away and running around…all in the hope of finding myself again. I will…soon. Meanwhile, it’s PUP and putting them where they belong.

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Eveline said...

Dear Anupama,

i wanted to tell you that you are something of a fabulous writer and i just want to read more of your stuff :)

This PUP theory has u really doing a lot with your time and I’m envious. All I want to do when I return home is laze around and watch tv. I applaud the dedication!
And the pictures are beautiful. Especially the last two. I love dangerously shining fruit. Which makes me think I could side with the evil witch in Snow White. :D

Today morning, on my way to work I heard ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by David Bowie and Queen… and the tune has been stuck in my head since.
Speaking of the song you played on your post, I prefer the original version by Bonnie Raitt’s. You’d like it too if u listened to it. Maybe if we meet at Opus on one of its karaoke nights I’d sing this for you.who knows? :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Wow ! You can do all THAT! WOW!! I am impressed!

While I didn't doubt that you could, I never imagined you would ever need to make puppy dog eyes...

And yes... the narrative was very good!

Anupama said...

Hey Eve!

You have no idea how much you saying the fabulous writer thing means to me...I am a big fan of your blog and your taste in music and I take this as a huge compliment...thanks for making my day :)

I really liked the Bonnie Raitt version of I Can't Make You Love Me. What a velvety voice! But I think the piano is crisper in the George Michael version...what do you think?

And yes, let us hit Opus on Karaoke night sometime, let us...would love to hear you sing...would love to sing Silver Lining for you too :)

Hey Eye-in-sty-in!

Not everyone believes that I can/should have or do anything I wanted and puppy dog eyes help on a rare occasion or twoo :)

Thanks for the comment and the compliment :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

I'm sure they have their uses and that ur mischievous enough to make occasions when they come in handy :-)

do you have any more interesting hobbies apart from the ones mentioned in the blog?

Smita said...

My God!!!

You did all this and are raring to do more???

Am impressed!!!!

Please tell me how do u manage?

And BTW thats some heavy duty reading that u r doing :)

wander1ust said...

Wow, Anu - that's an impressive number of pieces being picked up. I wish you luck. I like your photos. I noticed we both have Panasonic cameras.

Anupama said...

Hey Eye-in-sty-in!

Hobbies there are many but there are only 24 hours in a day...will write about it when I start concretely pursuing more activities :)

Hey Smita!

Comrade bibliophile! About the heavy-duty reading, reading is the biggest solace there is and good books only add to joy...I am sure no one agrees with this as much as you do :)

Thanks for the comment :)

Hey Wander1ust!

Your pictures and the fact that we both have Panasonic Lumix cameras made me realize that I was wasting the abilities of my camera and I could do so much with it...your photographs, truly speaking, have been an inspiration for me to take up photography more seriously. Thanks for that and for the comment :)

Satish said...

Bhagwad Gita is one of the greatest manuscripts ever written... It changes the way you look at life.....

Hope to get invited to the concert, once you become a pro in Guitar... Hope you can play the gutiar as melodiously as you write......

Anupama said...

Hey Satish!

Long time! Good to see a word from you, honestly :)

I am just about learning the guitar but with your wishes I may be able to play respectfully...thank you for the compliment on my writing and for the comment as always :)

Vibhushan said...

Whoa... thats an amazing list... and I hope that studying with George Michael song is for MBA... great going...

Vibhushan said...

Whoa!!! Thats an amazing list...
And I guess that impressive list of reading material and that study in the night along with George Michael includes prep for MBA... great going, carry on.