Sunday, May 31, 2009

Message In A Bottle: Book Review: May 2009

I am only thankful I didn’t start a book and leave it unfinished this month so I would have successfully achieved the count of 0 books in a month. I managed to read one book and I am still wondering what kept me from reading more. So as of now I am confused if I should be feeling relieved or ashamed. Then again, what’s the fun if books are not read leisurely and at one’s own pace…as if it were some mad race with oneself…I am just rambling here and I should stop and get to the review.

The book being reviewed this month is: Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Message In A Bottle
Nicholas Sparks

This is one of the most acclaimed books among those written by Nicholas Sparks and I have a friend to thank for recommending and gifting it. It makes for a quick read like most Nicholas Sparks novels. The story revolves around a man and a woman (duh!). The woman (ok its just to weird to write like that…man and woman style…so Theresa) finds a bottle washed up on the shore one fine vacation morning and finds that it contains a letter…from one Garrett (our hero) to one Catherine. The letter is heartbreakingly beautiful and she is intrigued about the writer. When she finds two more letter from Garrett to Catherine…ones that had washed up on other shores…the single, lonely and heartbroken Theresa sets out to find Garrett…just to see who on earth writes such heartfelt letters in this day and age. She does meet him and the story goes forward from there on to become a tale of love, conflict, haunting pasts, resentment and return. There is tragedy too, like all Nicholas Sparks novels. And it is heartbreaking.

I didn’t find Message In A Bottle to be anything spectacular. All the letters that go floating into the ocean in this book are no doubt epitomes of the kind of love the soft-hearted ones dream of. But beyond that Message In A Bottle is just another story with all the essential emotions woven in. It is nice read of course, although it ends in a sad way… it’s a love story all the same. And all the avid readers of love stories will like this one too..and maybe even shed a few tears over the tragedy.

All said and done I don’t recommend this book very strongly. Nights in Rhodante may be a much better read and on the same lines by the same author. Take your pick.

Happy reading!

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Smita said...

Had read another review of the same book and it also said that this is an average read at best.

Nice review though :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi.. Found your blog thru Smita's blog.

I used to be an avid reader, but these days books and me are at cross porpoises! maybe my interest in them will get rekindled someday... Do you write about other stuff as well?

Anupama said...

Hey Smita,

Yeah if you haven't read it already you might as well skip it...would love to read a book-related post that you spoke about writing in your latest post :) ...thanks for the comment...

Hey Eye-in-sty-in,

A very interesting homophone of Einstein for your username I must say :) ...thank you so much for stopping by and for the comment...I do write about a whole lot of other stuff, mostly musings about life, play reviews, posts about songs that I love and of course the monthly book reviews...hope you find something of your interest in there :) visit again...

Smita said...

The post will most probably come up 2moro :-)

This story reminded me of some Daniel Steel book as well :-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Thank you Anupama - I too like your name... although for different reasons (might even tell you some day why - dont hold your breath though)

I have blogrolled you - will be back for more as long as you continue to write good stuff :-) [Did I tell you I am an instant fan of a person who can spot a homophone in the bat of an eye!]

I invite you to my blog to see if anything interests you there... aap aaogi kya? :-)