Thursday, April 16, 2009

What You Want

There are songs. Some lift the spirit, some soothe the nerves. Some are just nice to listen to. And then there are songs. They make you think. I found one today - What You Want by John Butler Trio.

And it made me think...what does one want at the end of the day -

To see a face
And wish for a smile...
To hear a voice
And let it linger awhile...
To ask some questions
And answer a few...
To revisit memories
And to create some anew...
To care and pamper
And spoil to the core...
To do routine small things
And yet not make them look like a chore...
To smile at all times
And have it be the energy...
To be the pillar of strength
A lighthouse in rough sea.

Here's how the song goes...I love the beat of this one...and I love the part when the song goes quiet in the middle and just the guitar is playing:
What you wanna say,
Wait until you get home.
I'm sick of communicating now over the telephone.
Tell me how you feel,
For I am lonely too
Need you to know
I'm just as cold and numb as you.

But I could fly away,
Or I could be no one.
And you could be the
Sunshine falling over the mountain

You could come to stay
Yes you could come right home
I don't see why I have to
Live this life all alone.

I know there is a way to make up for mistakes
I know what's happening is for a reason.

I love this one : ) ...

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