Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dreams Come True

“…Instead we are doing the Eastern Europe tour early May next year - Prague/Vienna/Bratislava/Cesky Krumlov/Dresden/Budapest & Krakow for 12 days. Please check again after 10 days.”

That was instead of Scotland and Ireland. And that was early May LAST year. I hadn’t even heard of three cities on that list at that point…including Bratislava…precisely the place where I landed up within 6 months of that trip being scheduled…and precisely the place to be for a traveller with dreams of Vienna and Budapest in her eyes.

I owed a visit to Budapest for sentiment’s sake. But I owed a visit to Vienna on that list for emotion’s sake. I had always wanted Europe to be my first destination abroad… London actually, but yes any place in Europe would do just as well. And every time I thought about it in the past three odd years, Vienna always popped up right after London.

I forget how I developed such a fascination for Vienna. Maybe it was after I read up most available travel literature about the city and discovered that Vienna loved coffee just as much as I. I dreamt about walking the stone cobbled streets of Vienna, having a coffee in one of the umpteen sidewalk cafes in Vienna and experiencing the romance of Vienna. I had fallen in love with the idea of Vienna more than anything else!

I set foot in Vienna today. After an hour of gazing at the pretty Austrian landscape as seen from the Eurail that we boarded in Bratislava, I set foot in Vienna.

I may even have been asleep…my dream played out in front of my eyes and I had trouble distinguishing fact from fiction…I walked on the streets of Vienna, had gourmet coffee and Mozart Tart in one of the best cafes in the First District, rode around the Centrum in a quaint horse-carriage and experienced the romance of Vienna!

If I had fallen in love with just an idea earlier, I fell in love all over again today with the embodiment of that idea…Vienna left me agape. They built that city with love. And it shows. One could walk around Vienna all day and not know at the end of the day what the pavement looks like. Each building is different from the other…it is like witnessing a beauty pageant albeit of brick and mortar beauties.

Awash with mixed emotions I floated though Vienna…ecstasy at yet another dream being realized, awe at the fact that humans are capable of creating beauty as much as they are capable of spreading ugliness around, contentment of having a life of no regrets so far, sadness that comes with missing the ones you love so much that it hurts and you can feel it in the stomach and then a daze…coz you stop recognizing distinct emotions after a point. I floated in and out of dreams…dreams that always come true if you dream hard enough and put all your faith in them. It is like the Westlife song:
Dreams are there to show you the way
Better take a look inside
Close your eyes find out what they're trying to say
You gotta take a look inside

Only for a minute
Just to make a start
Imagine what you wanna see

Wake him up the wizard
Sleeping in your heart
Just imagine what you wanna be
Don't you know that

Dreams come true they do
Dreams come true
From all of us to all of you they do
Don't you know that dreams come true…

They really do : )

The wonder did not end as we left Vienna. It got more interesting as we met a lady who had to leave for Canada during the Socialist Revolution of 1968 in the Czechoslovak Republic and listening to her experiences gave me an entirely new perspective on a lot of things.

That is the best part about travel…people and their stories…in fact that is the best part about life…people…our people. That is the culmination of all dreams and that is what adds meaning to all dreams…to have a bunch of people to send postcards to as you miss them in a foreign land and want only one thing more than being in a wonderful land – to return to them, to have some people to come back home to/with and talk about all the collected memorabilia of emotions over a cup of tea, to have someone listen to your mindless chatter about trivia from the trip which makes no sense anyway and yet you get a listening ear coz they feel happy just to see you bubble around with the excitement of pouring it all out.
As we all immediately retire to our personal Universes upon reaching the apartment, I enter my Universe filled with dreams so I can fill it some more and give way to sweet slumber coz I miss my people too much right now…and I need to dream about them to keep myself going. So good night…and sweet dreams : )

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Sowmya said...

Dreams really come true...
We attract what we think...

In Jan 2008, I read 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'. It benefited me in a way, the author had not intended when he wrote the book ;-)

The book talked again and again about the Himalayas as if it were the best place and the only place under the Sun. It talked about this man who after a visit to Himalayas was a transformed man. You know... you have read the book...

Ever since I read the book, I dreamt of going to the Himalayas although I had been there twice... And guess what... I was in the Himalyas in less than 5 months... I spent one month there... and the experience haunts me still...

You are missing people??!! I hope I am one among them.. :)

Vinni said...

wow. how you paint the vivid pictures without even a snap, is amazing! i wanna go to vienna too!

aah well, for now i guess i will just have to be content with charminar. :(

hope i am missed too! :D

Utsarg said...

When is the next bus to Vienna? :-)

Your post makes it sound so enticing, would be actually a dream come true to be there.

Not only its the sweet mindless chatter of a memorable trip, but whether its some heavy gyan of life or just another crib about any and everything, always good to have someone with a ready ear and mind to listen and appreciate - at least superficially for your sake, someone you know you can pain with all these and more, because you know he/she enjoys that pain... just like that "meetha meetha dard", you see. :-)

You are on a dream realization spree... start dreaming beautiful dreams about this love-search also. You see, one need to make hay when sun is shining :-)

I hope the endless cups of coffee and this act suffice for the timebeing, till the time love finds you :-)

Anupama Kondayya said...

You are all missed big time! But thanks for being there through the regular chats and comments on the blog...your presence is always felt...


Thanks for the comment and for providing further evidence to my belief :)

Hey Vinni,

Hope you land up in Vienna soon :)


I will take that advice :) ...seems like a good time to dream about love...