Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

So I wanted to see this movie only for Brad Pitt. Can you really blame me for that? This is Brad Pitt we are talking about! Does any girl need a better reason to watch a movie??

Anyway, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is based on a short story by Scott Fitzgerald. I haven’t read the story (now I want to) but like most short stories this one seems to have been bordering on abstract. I couldn’t put my finger on what the takeaway from the movie was. And that was disappointing after all the things one had heard about the movie what with the Academy Awards and stuff.

The Curious a story of a man who grows young as he ages. So he is born with the afflictions of the body of an 80 year old man and starts to grow younger and stronger from that point on even as his age progresses. It is about being different and all the pain it brings with itself. It has many profound thoughts echoing throughout that leave you pondering…things like –

“There is something about coming home. It looks the same, feels the same, smells the same. You realize that its you who has changed.”

"We are defined by opportunities...even the ones we miss."

“You may be mad as a mad dog at what happened to you and you may kick and scream but in the end you have to let go.”

"They say he died of a broken heart..."
(I think that is a very possible and plausible cause of death)
The story is based in the time after the First World War and has been shot with appropriate colour tones and accessories. It has instances of cinematographic excellence and the shots where they showcase grand sunrises or magical snowfalls in Russia had me in tears due to their sheer majesty. Yet, the story runs in fragments and does not exactly flow smoothly…it needs a little interpretation. And it has not been wrapped up appropriately at all. I just did not get it if it was meant to be understood.

On top of that, it does not leave you feeling good…it is a sad story. It might as well have been the reason I woke up feeling so depressed today morning…I mean I had one of the worst days ever.

Brad Pitt is the ornament on the screen. He looks cute even with an old face and is a treat to watch in his younger/present form, which should be no surprise at all…whether it is in formal clothes with elegant overcoats or in the classic blue and white sailor’s combination as he sits on the boat in the sun…whether it is on the tugboat or on a bike riding the highway…and the best part is to watch him in his short stint in India…just the thought is highly amusing!

So overall, nothing great about it. The intellectuals may watch it once to ponder upon it…and kindly let me know when you figure it out. Coz I am curious to know what the Curious Case of Benjamin Button is all about!

5 Thinkers Pondered:

Sowmya said...

Hey Anu,

As you know, I am quite rural... No exposure to western movies.. But this review was interesting. Short and neat and interesting...

BTW, You changed your template???

Philip said...

This one is next on my To Watch list. The moment I saw the trailer, I had a feeling this was Pitt's attempt at an Oscar.

Anupama said...

Hey Sowmya,

Yeah I changed the template...some change is good once in a while :) do you like it? Any suggestions?

Hey Philip!

So good to see a comment from you after a while :) watch the movie and write about it so I'll have some help with the interpretation...thanks for the comment :)

Eveline said...

Hey Anupama! I liked your review. I did expect alot from the movie when i heard about it.. maybe i shouldn't have cos that's what ruined it for me. Brad Pitt was good but Cate Blanchett was better. For 42 she looked amazing youthful and she was absolutely radiant on screen.
Oh yeah... the movie totally killed my mood.

Awesome weekend to ya.

Asim said...

Nice review. That movie is def. a set of quotable quotes.

I rem. seeing it, calling it a beautiful movie but foul mouthing it to be very long and "the never ending case of benjamin button". As fate turned out, I had to see it again with another set of friends. Strangely, I really liked it the second time.