Wednesday, January 14, 2009

King Of Fools

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.Some people underestimate how much they mean. And surely the other extreme must exist too…the ones who think they mean too much.

And there are the in-betweens…who hope they mean something, that their being around makes a difference while in reality they are one among the six billion humans on this third rock from the sun…sometimes even God forgets they exist.

And you thought you would make a difference. How pompous!

Yet, can you give up because it makes no difference? What is the set of conditions that dictates when is the right time to give up? Do you give up on people at all? What else is there in life…

You can't give up, looking for a diamond in the rough…You never know, when it shows up, make sure you're holding on…Coz it could be the one,The one you're waiting on...

I had read somewhere - ‘Most of us are so scared of dying that we never start to live’. It is true of love too. Most of us are so scared or scarred from love that we never start to love fully again…we calculate our moves, we evaluate our positions, we judge intentions. We close our hearts and open our minds…and rationale wins.

But I also read in Tuesdays With Morrie – Love Wins…Love Always Wins. I must have read wrongly…Prof. Morrie must have been a sentimental fool. And by believing in something he said, I become one too.

But how do you change who you are? Why should you change who you are? So you lose in life…big deal! At least you were in it with all your heart. What is a half-hearted win? A possession not cherished with all you have…undervalued…taken for granted…doing that to another human is sacrilege…it is sin. If I have to lose anyway, I’d much rather love and lose. But that is never enough…how you measure your worth and how your worth is measured by others are two different things. The question is would you bend to their dictat and lose yourself or stay true to yourself?

I would stay true to myself…I might not win but I would lose with my own respect and honour for myself.

I worry that I can't give you what you need…That you'll find nothing underneath the peel…That I can't undo the times we disagreed…That I can't ignore the way I feel…Coz what I feel is the only truth I know…And I get by on this naivete of youthIf what I feel is the only truth…And what I give out will make up what I'll receive…Can I still leave behind my naivete of youth?…Will I be crucified for wanting to believe?I believe…

So you still hope. You still love. You still believe that you can make a difference. And by the virtue or vice of that you are hereby crowned the King Of Fools.

You don’t know any better than to indulge in such acts of folly…

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Utsarg said...

FM RJs are generally the most irritating barking species that you can find on this world, but at times they somehow just manage to spell out a gem by mistake. I heard one such thing once, which seems so relevant to this post.
It goes "Na jeetne ka lalch, na haarne ka darr... bas karne ki chah".
I think there is no question of win or lose. You don't make difference to anyone's life; you just do your bit, without expecting anything. Its the passion, the love that keeps you going.
Whether I get crowned King of Fools now or a Mahatma after you die, if you believe in your passion, you will never lose.
Keep faith, nice things happen to good people.
And yes, Love will find you :-)