Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello Stranger...

He looked familiar.
He looked different…from the lot.
He looked like us.

He walked into the floor today and sat at the desk closest to the entrance…a place that I had occupied for the past two weeks. I had never seen him before. We exchanged polite smiles and I continued with my work while he started to get things in place himself. Upon finishing two calls he decided to get introduced and spoke out his name. I spoke my name out in return…he glanced at my colleague and confirmed if we were from India.

A smile appeared on his face and he proceeded to say in clear Hindi – “Then we can talk in Hindi as well”

Hello Stranger…

He is Asian and has the best of two worlds that should have been one…he has an Indian mother and a Pakistani father. We spoke for quite some time and he did not seem to be a stranger anymore. We spoke of our countries, of our customs and rituals – he got married recently, and there was a blatant commonality to it all. We spoke in a common language and although I haven’t felt alienated at all in Slovakia so far, that sound loaded with undertones of Urdu and a Punjabi accent was music to the ears. It brought a comforting familiarity in a strange land.

Three seas and a continent away from our homelands we were just two human beings who had found something in common and it was not a piece of land to fight over. He was stranger in a strange land who turned out to be a friend.

We are all friends if we look inside our hearts. It is ok to draw borders on the land. But when we start drawing them on our hearts we rob ourselves of the joy that can come from interacting with beautiful people. On an ordinary day, two ordinary people from across the border are just that…two people.

We are one world after all. It is time we acknowledged the fact and opened our minds…opened our hearts…to friends…in the guise of strangers.

It is time to say Hello to Strangers.

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freespirit said...

That was a beautiful post! I couldn't agree more with you on that.
I've indeed befriended some beautiful people coz I wasnt scared that they were strangers at that time:).

I am glad to have stumbled to upon ur blog, i loved the contents, the format, all of it. Keep it going! :)