Monday, November 24, 2008

No Rollbacks In Life

“A statement issued in different tones sends out different meanings. In order to get out the correct ideas ensure you have the right tone – tune your tone.”

KC is a philosopher. It does not matter that he is not an eminent philosopher. He will be soon. And those are the people who do not have the sole ownership over their knowledge. It is meant for dissemination. So I have taken the liberty to quote him…also because I think Tune Your Tone is a catchy slogan to live one’s life by.

KC’s Good Morning Message today made me ponder on some recent incidents and their ramifications. It reiterated the fact that there is no such thing as being too careful before you speak or act…like the proverbial bow from the arrow, the word or the act cannot be undone.

And I was left wishing, life would have so much simpler had it been like a Database. Pardon me if my work is percolating into my writing but my head is quite dazed right now…

If life were a Database, if you said or did something wrong, you could always issue a ROLLBACK statement that very moment before there was a COMMIT to memory and it would all be gone.

Or you could always devise a datafix to replace what had been committed to the memory of the listener or observer. And then you could just UPDATE it all. The person would never know or remember it happened.

Everyone could have periodic PURGE programs that would purge unnecessary things like old emotional baggage, grudges, regrets of the past and unpleasant memories. We would all have Beautiful Minds without having to bring them back from the dead like John Nash’s.

But as Ben, the protagonist, says in the movie Cashback – You can speed it up, you can slow it down, you can even freeze a moment; but you can’t rewind time; you can’t undo what is done…Sharon had seen the wrong second of a two-second story. But she wasn’t listening.

In life, you can never go back to that one moment that became your Butterfly and caused that Chaotic tornado…wrecked it all…a good friendship, your perfect relationship, a lovely conversation, a moment, a lifetime…anything, everything.

You can regret it, you can relive it…you cannot reverse it.

What is committed to one’s memory once is irreversible. You have got to live with corrupted data for life. The human brain has no purges. It has an amazing amount of extendible memory. It will retain that corrupt data and reconciliation will become close to impossible…

Because there are no ROLLBACKs in life…

Maybe there are archives…and they are the only hope.

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Animesh said...

Wow! great analogy.
And u did refresh my knowledge of databases. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

One option is to consume copious amounts if iboga as the African shamans do

Philip said...

You have been tagged!