Monday, October 20, 2008

With A Little Help From My Friends

The envelope is frayed at the edges. But the contents are intact – a letter, a page from the college magazine of Thapar Institute, and a paper with the lyrics of a song…With A Little Help From My Friends.

From one 15-year old to another, the song came signifying the truth of their lives. It is always with a little help from our friends that we have gotten by…

The one who took the pain to select not one but two beautiful cards (one of them HAD to be a Hallmark card…she has always been the Hallmark girl…I am the Archies fan) along with a gift that I couldn’t have loved better, the gift of books, and send it a whole 3 days in advance.

The one who asked an unsuspecting me what my favourite quote was and designed a special magic mug for me…to remind me constantly of the magic of our friendship.

The one who lit up midnight with a birthday wish sung in her lovely voice, like every year…year after year.

The one who self-confessedly forgets most things but remembered to wish me at the start of my day.

The one who wished for things to work out well…that wish, that hope and the reassurance that came along with believing in those words were the essence of the what a birthday is…as you looked back on the years of existence you realized you wouldn’t have had it any other way but you wondered if you would have the privilege of saying the same thing some years down the line…suddenly you knew you would…because it wasn’t your sole wish.

The early-to-bed one who hits the sack at 10 PM but stayed up till midnight to send wishes my way.

The one whose call was a heart-warming assurance that not much has changed between us although so much has…after all the ones who care for each other care regardless of what they call each other.

The ones who called through the day…the warm comfort that came with the calls knowing that they hadn’t forgotten and maybe you meant more than you thought. The ones who tried over and over until they got through to you. The ones who fished out your lost phone number just to be unable to reach you. Yet a message meant just as much…they were thinking about you.

The ones who kept promises at the cost of time, crossed the town to get to places they thought you’d love, brought you your favourite flowers in boisterous colours so the cheer crossed over into the next day, brought friends along so it was the more the merrier, took so much care of you that you wondered if you had known these people only for so long…some ties continue from the past birth. The ones who gave you the gift of their time and company.

The ones you missed even as you had a good time. The ones you would have liked to see there. The ones who always fill the space, either with their presence or with their thoughts.
The ones who kept a midnight snack ready for you as you put your feet up while staying over for the night and as you chatted late into the night about common interests, things that matter…sometimes about things that don’t matter…what mattered all the while was the camaraderie.

As the first day of a new age closes, one only feels gratitude and joy, affection, aspirations for the future…after all, our aspirations are our possibilities.

And they will be achieved…with a little help from my friends…because…

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends...

2 Thinkers Pondered:

Vinni said...

what would we all be without friends? its amazing how friends play such an important role in your life. did i send you that envelope? just curious.
thanks for being such a great friend! i am sure it will last forever!

Satish said...

Blessed are the people who have chaddi dosts(very close buddies) like these..

Most of the relationships change with time, but very few remain the same..chaddi dosts is one of them.....the memories just get sweeter with time...

On a lighter vein, an anonymous person said...."Friendship needs no promises, no demands,no expectations... all it needs is two fools to carry it on"

Hope the friendships carries on fro ages!!!!