Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Friendless And Forlorn

A mind full…of a million thoughts…it wants to explode.
An empty heart…I can even feel the hole…it could collapse and implode.

My soul is stuck in the middle…trying to make sense of it all…unable to side with either…

Both the feelings are real and my soul is torn…
Tonight, I am Friendless and Forlorn.

4 Thinkers Pondered:

Cosmonaut said...

The dark night of the soul
Has its own secret stories
Beyond emptiness, beyond implosions
Beyond black holes and eternities
The silly neuronal putty of the mind
is self-indulgent and Mimosa like
Always flitting and trapping
the real Self in existential chatter
Some cultures worship the yellow Sun
The Chosen seek out the Black Sun
Which, with its deep deep darkness
Dank, slushy, sinister and sensual
Makes Death seem like yet another
Blink of the Cosmic Eyelid
I hope you out-middle the Middle
And embrace Friends on either side

Sowmya said...

Keep the faith.

This too shall pass.


Satish said...

Vagaries of the human mind

Being forlorn is tad better than being Lonely with friends,nonetheless both are least desirable

A patient ear will be sparkle the soul which a touch low. The torn soul will be stiched back with a new found resilience

A passing phase.... the empty heart will be filled with all the chersihed things(also people)

Deja vu - Guess this is what we call quarter life crisis!!!

Satish said...

It has been a long time from the last post. Hope to see a new post soon :)