Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poets Of The Fall

Worldspace gets it – there is so much to hear. There really is…

Like the Finnish band Poets Of The Fall. Sometimes when I hear their music it makes me regret not knowing about them earlier or them not being as renowned as they deserve to be. These guys are creating some phenomenal music and it is a pity the international music scene is missing it. All the people who care know about them know though. Just check the album reviews on Amazon or the Forum on their website to be convinced.

POTF’s claim to fame is the Max Payne 2 video game which features their song Late Goodbye. But that is just one of their must-hear songs. Carnival of Rust is un-missable too. I listen to it EVERYDAY, trust me. The list of do-not-miss is quite exhaustive in their case.

Each of POTF’s songs is distinct. In addition to the music being great, these guys stay up to their name by writing some very poetic lyrics. Here are a few of my favourite lines from some of their songs. The song titles are links to their tracks on the online player Deezer (which is great in itself by the way). Hear them and feel good music come alive again! These are just the appetizers…if you feel like main course, search them on Deezer and lose yourself in the music…Enjoy yourself…


More in my face
Than is my taste
I grow so weary I'll surrender
To what they say
Let them lead the way
Till' I can no longer remember

Reminds me of times when I am trying to convince someone and I know that I have my facts in place…after a point I just bow down and concede. There is no convincing people who stick to their opinions dearer than they do to their life…as if if they changed their opinion they would lose their identity. I despise people with closed minds…


Times when I just can't
Bring myself to say it loud
'Fraid that what I'll say comes out somehow awry
That is when it seems
We move in circles day to day
Twist the drama of the play to get us by

I love the guitar piece at the beginning of the song. A fast-paced song that is a joy to hear. And the guitar riffs are great.


Grow me a garden of roses
Paint me the colors of sky and rain
Teach me to speak with their voices
Show me the way and I'll try again

This song brims over with a hopeful tone. I love it for what it does to my heart. And I love the phrase Grow Me A Garden Of Roses…what a beautiful expression of desire!


I feel the fire flare alight inside me
Higher so I can see
N' aspire to survive this fight in spite of
Liars and travesty
Oh fire

This song is fast and somehow makes me want to get up and swing into action…do something…it has that quality of bringing the inner spark alive…true to its title.


Remembrance, can be a sentence, but it comes to you with a second chance in tow
Don't lose it, don't refuse it, cos you cannot learn a thing you think you know

This is a haunting melody which again has a tone of hope and new life. Very soothing…

Marko’s voice is something I have fallen in love with…he sings like God. I am swooning in the real sense of the word – over his voice, over the lyrical melodies and over the music…Poets Of The Fall have brought me unparalleled joy. And it is my wish that you feel it for yourself too...

So go ahead and experience Poets Of The Fall. You won't regret it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Love The Ride

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Jacaranda trees in bloom, a shy lavender canopy…
Two children in slightly tattered clothes running by the side of the road, carefree and fearless- embodiment of a feeling of pure joy…
A broad stretch of tarmac upon which the wheels glide (Well, mostly) and a feeling of floating on…
A Wildcraft showroom with a multifarious window display and a reminder of my wild side, a passing flash of all my dreams for the road…

A view of the placid waters of a lake, ducks, geese and grebes swimming calmly oblivious to the rush on the busy road, a sudden sense of calm and a smile…

A Gulmohar tree in a boisterous orange bloom, unable to contain itself, pouring its joy out to a multitude that is too busy and too rushed to notice…a grin…how can it be so happy?!

Majestic Brahminy Kites decorating the skyline with their splendour, a graceful swoop and then a soar, a circle with wings outstretched, sheer beauty and another smile…

A peek at the many pots-and-plant sellers by the roadside, the soothing green…another glance at the gallimaufry of the earthen-ware seller up the road, the colours, the feeling of elation and wonder, of relaxation even amidst the rush…the irony…

A tree-lined road and the sunlight filtering through…the expanse of green and a mud path lit up by the warmly bright sun…a lone dog capering down that road…a wish to join it and caper along…

A milestone on the road…wait...its an idol…and the vehicles are carefully veering around it and continuing on their way…an unclaimed deity pitched on a busy road with no temple to shelter the protector; then again maybe not that uncared for, it has flowers at its feet…a strong urge to take its picture, the photographer in me disappointed by the hurry…and a thought – there are times when people avoid God too…

Songs in my ears…the beat and the melody…oblivion from all the honking and screeching around…my heart jiving along…all my favourite songs…a feeling of pure ecstasy!

With such sights and sounds, I could never hate going to work. The road that stays the same yet changes everyday like a movie that you’ve seen before but presents a different perspective the next time you see it…the music that fits every frame…even amidst all the pollution, noise and the sour faces that I have to drive through on my way to work everyday…I Love The Ride!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dealing, Healing

Someone was hurtfully rude to me today morning. Problem is I wasn’t expecting it and it took me by surprise.

I’ll tell you how it felt…it was as if a sledgehammer that should go onto the anvil on a piece of hot iron in a smithy workshop had been picked up and slammed into my stomach; because the reaction was as unexpected as it was rude. I couldn’t feel the pit of my gut for quite a while after that. And it came close to ruining the rest of this brand new day that had been gifted to me.

I sat at the edge of my bed wondering what I had done wrong, what I had done to deserve that sort of treatment. And having found no answer, I was forced to gather myself and carry on…I had the whole day to go through.

So, forget about how I felt and all…what was I going to do about it? Here’s how I dealt with it…

  1. Drank umpteen cups of tea hoping that the kick would set in soon and I would become so caffeinated that I’d be able to overlook what happened in the morning.
  2. Listened to stupid happy as well as sad songs hoping that one of them would take me to another time and place and help me forget what happened in the morning.
  3. Said Thank You and I Appreciate to some people…this was my way of countering someone’s nastiness. Because someone almost ruined my day I was nice to people, whom I hadn’t told I appreciated being there, and I hope that I made their day a little better.

Point 3 actually helped! I hope it meant something to the recipients too :)

Being slightly more sensitive than is good for health (people who know me, I know I don’t look like it. But just because someone appears unfazed doesn’t mean they were not affected. I hurt sometimes, you know…), the feeling hasn’t completely gone away. But yes I can feel my stomach again…so I think I’ll be fine.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Blue Sweater

I was very excited about going home the first time after I started working and moved to Bangalore. It was time to celebrate Diwali and, incidentally, my birthday. Having never missed celebrating a birthday at home, I was pleased at being able to keep up the tradition even after moving out!

My best friend was also in Nagpur then. She had moved to Pune after we graduated and had taken up a job there. So we were seeing each other after almost four months. As our habit during college days had been, we both took off to run some errands, catching some coffee and snacks on the way, run some more errands…Ultimately, we ended up in the Piramyd mall for our evening coffee. We chatted our hearts out before hitting the women’s-wear section. Since it was my birthday, she wanted to buy me something. After ambling through the aisles, we singled out a white-coloured Pepe Jeans T-shirt. But she thought it would look better with a sweater. So she bought me a blue-coloured Provogue sweater! Happy Birthday Anu…

I took good care of the sweater for most part; always got it dry-cleaned and used it only for special ocassions. Everytime I wore it, it would remind me of her and of the good times we had spent together…

Of the times when she borrowed my pyjamas when we had a girls night out at my place, times when I borrowed hers when we were sleeping over at her place, times we made cold coffee close to midnight while she constantly tickled me to annoy me (and succeeded!), times when her mom made Vanilla ice-cream for our night-out and she was excited as a child all evening about it only to end the affair with one spoonful of ice-cream before declaring, “I’m done” while I and my other best friend tried our best to finish it (now people know why she was the thinnest among the three of us), times when we had heart-to-heart chats till three in the morning and others when we made all plans of staying up all night but dozed off even before the clock struck one!

We had our differences. There were not many things we did similarly or agreed upon. We didn’t have the same hobbies. We had totally different temperaments as individuals. Yet, when she was around I just had this comfort zone to hang out in. It just felt familiar and good. And it was this feeling that made me call her my best friend.

She got married last November. She was the youngest of the three of us and we were quite surprised that she should be the first one to get married. Being at her wedding was slightly weird – I did not want to let go of her, yet I knew there really was nothing to hold on to…just warm thoughts and happy memories.

A few weeks ago the blue sweater went into the washing machine with my other clothes (I do not remember when I started washing it at home…maybe after she got married…she wasn’t ours anymore) and due to some stupid piece of garment got yellow marks all over it. I was crestfallen at first…it was my favourite sweater…it was a gift…it was a gift from her!

But this past Saturday, I came home soaked to the bone in Bangalore rain and even after I had changed into dry clothes I was feeling quite cold. So I pulled out the blue sweater, as I wouldn’t be wearing it outside or on special ocassions anymore. It felt so good to be wrapped in that sweater – warm and cosy.

In that moment I realized what a good thing it had been for that sweater to get stained! Now I could wear it all the time…whenever I was cold…whenever I was feeling lonely…whenever I missed her. As other responsibilities, marriage and work build walls between us and I hardly hear from her, I have found a way to feel her around…I have found a bridge to the good times, to the memories, to her. Maybe someday she will walk on the bridge too and we will smile about all this. Till then, I am going to make do with what I have of her…warm thoughts and happy memories…and a blue sweater.