Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thank You For The Music

Does anyone remember the Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones advertisement that used to air about 2 years ago…it used to go –

I love the rain (a pretty girl walking in the rain)
I love my long commute (a guy in a crowded train)
I love the company (a lady jogging alone in the park)
I love it loud (two guys listening to music in a park as two girls pass by)
I love shopping (a guy dancing away in front of a shelf in a supermarket)
I love to unwind (a boxer lilting the tune)
I love being a substitute (a football sub on a bench)
I love working late (a lady in office)
I love losing myself (a guy freaking out by the roadside, his car parked some distance away)
I love missing the last bus home (a guy walking home when he receives a call)

The word love in each case was the Sony Ericsson logo (which I totally love!).

Ever since I saw that advertisement, I had wanted to buy something from the Sony Walkman range.
So I bought a Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman phone last year. I bought a pair of MPS-60 Neodymium speakers with it. (The set can be seen in the ad when it says I love it loud). And boy! Was I happy about the acquisition or what! The Sony guys know their stuff and they know it well. The quality of sound on any of the three sound machines – inbuilt speakers, earphones or the MPS-60 – is unparalleled and it is a thing of sheer joy to hear music on any of them. The earphones fit right into the ear canal and then do you feel the bass or do you feel the bass! It is an out of this world experience…a music lover’s delight!
In January this year, my office shifted to a location that is 4 times the distance as the old office. The new facility is on Outer Ring Road in Bangalore and the ride to this place is unnerving at its best. I like to ride my bike and I wouldn’t really have cared for it had the fellow riders had not been compulsive honkers too! And if people thought rules had more to them than sounding good on paper. It is the others on the road and their road sense (or the lack of it) that agitates me. And I came close to becoming another victim of road rage a few days into this new facility. In fact I started hating the new office, Bangalore and the world in general.
In the nick of time, I remembered this Godsend W300i. I cursed myself for not having used it all these days. So I transferred a few of my favourite songs to the phone and my ride to office has never been the same again!
Now, most days, I dance my way to office and back. I sing my heart out. I see sullen faces staring at me from the windows of their expensive cars while I grin my way to work…I couldn’t care less anyway. I arrive at work with a beat in my step and feel so energized I could take over the world. I want the traffic to be jammed. I want the road to be longer. I want to listen to the song one more time…I love riding to work! I am a little disappointed as the ride comes to an end. And I wait for tomorrow :) …so I can ride again…and dance and sing again.
I remember the ABBA song Thank You For The Music a lot these days. Music is truly my lifeblood. And the iron supplement is W300i (what a geeky analogy!). Now I join the clan and say -
I love Bangalore Traffic Jams…imagine me with earphones, sitting on a grey Hero Honda Pleasure, a multitude of lights around me…praying for the signal to not turn green so I can hear one more song…

5 Thinkers Pondered:

Vinni said...

if u look at any strong brand, there is always, always just one word association. this model and the walkman series in general has one too. a strong one at that: music. just music. if you look at other brands we have
coke: thanda
colgate: strong teeth
airtel: expression
what else can u think of? all strong brands have it, and those which don't, dont survive.

Interceptor™ said...

noce writing..... only i wud like to say..... da sony guys undoubtedly know their stuff.... they make good audio devices... unfortunately in the process they forgot they were making a handset with media player capabilities... and not the other way round! so though all da Walkman series Sony Ericssons are beautiful mp3 players... they just don't make the cut in terms of quality as a handset....

Satish said...

Finally one bangalorian who loves the traffic jam (and the spring too...) Others have just adjusted living with it.

We still have hope for saving the beauty of Bangalore.....

P.S. - I am a new reader of your blog. The posts are really thought inducing and heart warming. Keep writing and waiting for the new post

Anupama Kondayya said...

Hey Satish,

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving those kind words behind! I am glad you liked the writings and extend a warm welcome to you.

Hey Interceptor,

I agree with you to quite an extent about the phones not making the cut as phones themselves but as long as I can make and receive calls, I am ok with that :). Thanks for stopping by and do visit again :) ...

Hey Vinni!

I echo your thoughts da...the big brands are big not because they advertise themselves well or anything but because they cater to a very fundamental need of people as customers - quality and reliability, with association to the segment they are in. Yet, this being so obvious, everybody out there is not building big brands...which is what makes me appreciate the existing brands and market leaders all the more...thanks for the comment :)

2T aka Vamsee said...

I never knew listening to music while driving a two wheeler makes good traffic sense! And yeah, I miss the sound of horns on the road out here, dont ask me why!

You are right though...if anyone knows their music, it is the sony guys. I am waiting to see the ad which goes...[i]I love bangalore traffic{/i] (starring you may be?) :)