Monday, February 18, 2008


I have had a great weekend. I have had a relaxing time. I have been home!
A few days ago I was reflecting on all the times that I have spent at my place in Bangalore and I realized that with the exception of a few times, I have always been home only when there has been cleaning and washing to do. I have not really been enjoying my home so to speak. So I decided to stay home this past weekend and do just that!
I started by drawing an elaborate Hatha-Yoga plan for myself. This is for all to know that I am an ardent believer in the Ancient Indian practices likeYoga and Ayurveda to the point of fascination. So I was very pleased with myself for coming up with a good fitness plan leveraging our ancient wisdom. The plan also is to tune my routine as per ancient recommendations. Wish me luck!
For the rest of the weekend (other than when I was doing Yoga) I curled up in bed with books…my favourite pastime. I finished Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. That one was so disappointing. I just did not identify with the character Chris McCandless. I did not see the point in his heading out into the wild. If it was to appreciate natural beauty and connect with nature, travel for the sake of travelling and not reaching anywhere, then the whole disconnect from the family makes no sense. If it was to flee from the family and to deal with emotional issues, I have to say he was a plain emotionally estranged guy who did not know how to deal with his issues and fell in the company of Jack London and Thoreau at the opportune moment to have been so heavily influenced by them as to get heady. I may even classify him as mentally unwell…manic-depressive from the descriptions provided in the book. And so for me, neither the book nor the personality of McCandless holds any appeal. As for the author, he has written a highly prejudiced account of Chris’s life and his soft corner for the guy is all too obvious in the book to be able to believe that you are getting the real picture. In the end, it is just an attempt to glorify a fool. I have no sympathy or admiration for Chris McCandless. He was just another American teenager who could not be saved.
I am not writing off the author rightaway though. Most writing has to be prejudiced since it is a human activity and the whole idea behind reading and writing is to communicate perspectives. But I am more interested in reading Into Thin Air which is a first person account by Jon Krakauer rather than read borrowed and built up opinions about Chris. So that book is next in line.
Anyway, I was also reading bits from Shobhaa De’s Spouse. I have read the book before and I think it is a must read for those who plan to get married anytime in life. She gives such candid insights into her own marriage and there is a lot one can learn from this book. Plus I am all for books that deal with human relationships. So I enjoyed re-reading that one.
Tried to prepare the Gujarati delicacy Khandwi on Sunday. Now it is a Swiss Roll type of a thing made out of gram flour but mine just refused to roll and kept breaking. What a waste! It could have easily been the simplest dish in that Gujarati Cookbook but alas, not for me. I am off culinary experiments for a while!
I am still in the school-time habit if listening to the same tracks over and over again till I get over them. Right now it is a mix of Jab We Met and Taare Zameen Par…it would be a pity to grow over the TZP soundtrack though, the songs are real nice.
Some music, a nice book, some curling in bed, some time to cook…
Truly, there is no place like home!