Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Respect GE for 'Imagination At Work'

If you get to enter the GE Office on Cambridge Road in Bangalore, do this – at the ground floor, instead of taking the elevator to wherever you are headed, take the stairs next to the elevator and go to the basement (on the pretext of collecting your Welcome Kit of course…what procedure is this! YOU have to collect YOUR own Welcome Kit? I mean, YOU have to welcome YOURSELF? Well, it is that way in my company too :-) ).

Anyway, get to the basement and right where the stairs end you will see the Mail Room, where all the mail comes (obviously!), where the printer is and from where the Welcome Kit and Coffee Mugs are issued (the latter was really my focus when I got there…I am a software person after all…stimulants have to be second nature to me!). It is more or less the facilities hub of GE.

I don’t know what reputation GE holds in the Indian corporate environment, among the masses and frankly I don’t even care. If they saw what I saw, I am sure it would affect their opinions.

The Mail Room of that GE office is manned by a special person, in the real sense of the word...the Mail Room is manned by a spastic person.
I have no words to express how I felt upon seeing, let’s call this person V, there. As I collected the Welcome Kit, I had the most normal of conversations with V, who sat there in that formal dress with the GE tag around the neck akin to most software employees. There was so much confidence and authority in the way V talked and ordered the office boy about. And it was nice to see that.

GE has set a paramount example in equality by giving V the right to work with them. GE has shown that it looks beyond what meets the eye. GE has embodied its tagline – ‘Imagination At Work’ by going an extra mile, employing V and respecting him.
And I respect them for that.

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Vinni said...

:-) GE is a great place to work. and jack welch has all the good things to say about it!
but its a company u'd like to stick to for ur life. you grow slowly but you do grow.

Aneeket said...

wow.. thats neat . Also interesting is u calling him 'V' . 'X' prolly too impersonal or maybe his name starts with 'V' . I would never know. Maybe it doesn't matter .
More than GE , its the resolve of ppl like 'V' which keeps their motor running ...

Anupama Kondayya said...

Hey Vinni,

Yeah Jack Welch has truly transformed GE and it would not be a bad place to be in really...thanks for the comment

Hey Aneeket,

How true! I don't know which is more true...that the employees become the company or the company becomes its employees...But yes, V certainly has a lion's share in giving character to GE....thanks for taking the time to stop by :)

Vis said...

Yes Anu. At GE, things work which we dare to imagine. After all, GE is the world's most admired company. We or V will find a place at GE, a performance-based culture, no matter who we are.

Anupama Kondayya said...

Hey Vis,

Yes, certainly GE is a well-admired company and I am glad that it is keeping up all its proactive initiatives. A lot of people including the Indian government can learn a thing or two from them about promoting performance-based culture. Thank you so much for the comment!

Sowmya said...

true.. although i have seen rest rooms for the physically disabled... but never seen anyone using them...